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Have your say on new residential zones proposed for Yarra

31 January 2014

Yarra Council is encouraging residents to have their say about new zones proposed for residential areas of Yarra.

The new zones, introduced by the State Government, replace the existing Residential 1, 2 and 3 zones and determine what type of housing development can occur in residential areas.

The new zones are the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (providing for limited growth), the General Residential Zone (providing for moderate growth and housing diversity) and the Residential Growth Zone (allowing increased housing growth and density).

Unlike the current zones, the new zones provide fixed controls around building heights and dwelling numbers, with the aim of providing greater clarity and certainty about what kind of development is allowed in residential areas.  

Council has until July 2014 for the new zones to be applied in Yarra, otherwise every residential area will automatically become a General Residential Zone. 

Council has proposed where the new zones could apply and is encouraging the community to provide feedback by visiting and typing in their address to see what zone is proposed for their property.

Yarra Mayor Cr Jackie Fristacky said the new zones represent a major change to planning policy, so it is important for property owners to have their say.

“The zoning of your property has a significant impact on the type of housing that can be built near your home, so I urge residents to provide their feedback,” said Cr Fristacky.  

“The aim is to ensure that a timely submission is put to the Minister on application of the zones before the July deadline,” she said.

“Maintaining Yarra’s liveability and protecting neighbourhood character – especially in our heritage precincts - is a key consideration in applying the new zones.

“We are proposing that the Neighbourhood Residential Zone, providing the highest level of protection against development, is applied to 77 per cent of Yarra’s residential areas, including all properties within an existing Heritage Overlay.

“This would not only apply to Yarra’s unique neighbourhood precincts, but also to areas of environmental significance, especially along the Yarra River.”

Cr Fristacky said Council aimed to balance protecting established residential precincts from inappropriate development with identifying areas in Yarra that could accommodate extra growth to meet the increased demand for urban living.

“Yarra’s population is growing rapidly, with roughly 25,000 extra people expected to be living here by 2030. With that projected growth in mind, we have proposed that 23 per cent of residential land in Yarra become a General Residential Zone, which will cater for moderate housing growth,” she said.

“Council is not proposing to apply the Residential Growth Zone at all, as we believe large-scale development is not appropriate for existing residential areas in Yarra, but is better suited to our mixed-use and commercial sites.”

Council has proposed additional controls to the zones known as ‘schedules’ that provide extra limits around heights and the number of houses that can be built on a lot.

Council is seeking feedback from residents and property owners until Friday 7 March 2014 (extended from Friday 28 February).

Three information sessions will be he held from 6.30 – 8.30pm on:

  • Wednesday 12 February – Richmond Town Hall, Meeting Room 1 (333 Bridge Road)
  • Thursday 13 February – Carlton Library (667 Rathdowne Street)
  • Wednesday 19 February – Fitzroy Town Hall, Reading Room, (201 Napier Street)

 A website with further information and an interactive map showing the zones proposed for individual properties and can be found at 

Feedback can be provided via the website or directly to Council in writing to:

Yarra City Council
City Strategy
PO Box 168
Richmond VIC

Or by email to

Council expects that after reviewing the community feedback, a formal request will be made to the Minister for Planning to approve the proposed zones in April 2014.

Further information
Bernadette Collins
Acting Senior Communications Officer
9205 5042  



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