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Cr Fristacky steps up for consecutive term as Yarra’s Mayor

22 November 2013

Yarra’s returning Mayor Cr Jackie Fristacky named public transport advocacy and urban planning as priorities for the year ahead.

Cr Fristacky, of the Nicholls Ward, was elected in a 5-4 vote by her Council colleagues for a consecutive term as Yarra’s Mayor.

In her acceptance speech to an audience of about 120 people at Richmond Town Hall last night, a beaming Cr Fristacky said she expected Yarra’s prominent campaign for better public transport to continue into 2014.

“It’s been a particularly eventful year with Yarra stepping up the major task of advocacy for public transport, particularly for the proposed Doncaster rail and Metro rail projects, as well as challenging the focus of other tiers of government on freeways at the expense of investing in public transport,” she said.

“From local governments start the small things like encouraging more people to ride bicycles, use sustainable transport and take up environmental initiatives through to planning and advocacy for essential community infrastructure.

“I’m firmly of the view that local governments working with communities are the real initiators of change in our society and our nation.”

Cr Fristacky said her desire to see strategic investment in public transport was not a parochial view limited to Yarra, but concerned Melbourne in its entirety.

“We are very fortunate in Yarra to have good public transport and other infrastructure, but not so with our colleagues in municipalities on Melbourne’s fringes that suffer transport disadvantage and are forced into car dependence with adverse consequences for social equity and congestion.

 “As a Mayor one liaises with Mayors in other municipalities and it is important for us to have a common voice and champion social equity.

“It is essential for our economy and liveability as a city, and I am passionate about these as key issues.”

Cr Fristacky said other priorities for her Mayoral year would be:

  • responding to State Government changes to the urban planning framework, including its long term vision for Melbourne under the Plan Melbourne strategy and the introduction of new residential zones.
  • guiding the planning process that will oversee the transformation of the former Amcor site in Alphington into a residential community for an estimated 3000 people.
  • advancing the North Fitzroy Library Community Hub project to construction.
  • continuing to reclaim under-utilised urban spaces to build new parks.

Cr Fristacky thanked fellow Councillors for her further term as Mayor and highlighted the hard work and contributions they had made to the Yarra community.

 “As Mayor and a Councillor, I pledge to do my personal best for Yarra, and for Yarra to speak with a strong and assertive voice on issues that are important to our community.

“I very much look forward to working with my Council colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for Yarra, and to contribute to a better City and State.”

To find out more about Cr Fristacky, click here.

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