Dog off leash areas

A man walking dogs at Victoria ParkWhen in public, all dogs must be kept on a leash unless in a signed off–leash area.

In off–leash areas and parks, you must carry a leash with you and be able to call your dog under control immediately.

Your dog must not be allowed to wander or roam without you being nearby to call it under control.

In Yarra, the restrictions on dogs in public places are:


  • Dogs must be kept on–leash within 30 metres of all unfenced playground areas
  • Dogs are not allowed within five metres of the mulch area of playgrounds
  • In off–leash reserves (listed below) dogs must be on–leash between five and 20 metres from the mulch area of the play equipment, unless the playground is unfenced, in which case dogs must be on–leash within 30 metres.

Shared pathways

  • Dogs must be kept on–leash on shared pathways and five metres either side, even if pathways run through off–leash areas.

BBQ and picnic facilities

  • Dogs must be kept on–leash within 30 metres of all BBQ and picnic facilities.

Skate and BMX facilities

  • Dogs must be kept on–leash within 10 metres of all skate park and BMX facilities.

Sports grounds

  • Dogs are allowed off–leash in all unfenced sporting grounds, when the grounds are not in use for any approved games, club or school competitions or training, or events
  • Dogs are not allowed on any sports grounds enclosed by fencing (except Victoria Park) or any synthetic sports grounds.

Wetlands and other environmentally significant areas

  • Dogs are not allowed in wetlands and other environmentally significant areas.

Dog off-leash parks and reserves

Dogs are allowed off-leash in all of the below listed parks and reserves. They are also allowed off-leash in all unfenced sporting grounds when the grounds are not being used for any approved games, club or school competition or training, or event.


  • Yarra River Parklands, Flockhart Reserve, Flockhart Street
  • Victoria Park and surrounds, Abbot,Turner, Bath, and Lulie streets and Trenerry Crescent
    (when the ground is not in use for any approved games, club or school competitions or training, or events).
  • Maugie Street Reserve, Maugie Street

Carlton North  

  • Inner Circle Linear Park, Park Street between Lygon to Nicholson streets
  • Hardy Gallagher Reserve, Garton and Wilson streets

Clifton Hill

  • Yambla Street Reserve, Yambla and White streets
  • Walker Street Reserve, Walker Street
  • Merri Creek Parklands and Hall Reserve, The Esplanade
  • Mayor’s Park (excluding Collingwood Leisure Centre), Turnbull and Hoddle streets and Heidelberg Road
  • Coulson Reserve, Heidelberg Road
  • Quarries Park, Dwyer and Wright streets
  • Hall Reserve, The Esplanade


  • Fairfield Park including the oval, Heidelberg and Yarra Bend roads


  • George Street Reserve, George and Charles streets
  • Atherton Reserve, Napier Street

Fitzroy North

  • Raines Reserve, Queens Parade
  • Thomas Kidney Reserve, Rushall Street
  • Inner Circle Linear Reserve, Park Street between Bennett Street and St Georges Road
  • Janet Millman Reserve, Park Street
  • Mark Street Reserve, Mark Street
  • Batson Reserve, Rushall Crescent


  • Yarra River Parklands, Corner Bridge Road and Yarra Boulevard
  • Loys Paddock at Yarra River Parklands, Snow Street
  • Golden Square, Madden Grove
  • Citizens Park including the oval, Church and Highett streets
  • Circus Site, Swan Street
  • Burnley Park including the oval, Park Grove and Yarra Boulevard
  • Annettes Place, River Street
  • Allan Bain Reserve, Mary Street, Richmond.

See also;

  • Multizone parks - parks and reserves that have both on-leash and off-leash areas, and
  • Time share reserves - parks and reserves where dogs may be exercised off-leash before 9.00am and after 5.00pm

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