Restrictions & fines

Cat-the-kidCouncil has the discretion to issue infringements or prosecute matters under its local laws or relevant State legislation.

Fines may be issued for various breaches including but not limited to:

  •          Failure to register your dog or cat (All Dogs & Cats over three months of age are required to be registered with their local Council)
    Application for new registration of dogs/cats
  •          Registered animal in public without Council registration tag
  •          Failure to pick up after your dog
  •          Failure to carry pick up bags to pick up after your dog
  •          Dogs at large – an animal not securely confined on your property
  •          Dogs in public places not complying with Council orders
    (e.g. a dog off–leash in an on–leash area, Failure to carry a Leash, No collar on your dog, Dog in playground, Dog off leash within 30m of Playgrounds, BBQ and    Picnic Facilities or Organised Sporting Event)
  •          Animals creating a nuisance or trespassing onto private property (e.g. a barking dog)
  •          Keeping prohibited or excess animals on your property
    Number of Animals Permitted

Further information
Compliance Branch
9205 5166

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