Council Plan

The Council Plan 2013-17 is a strategic document that puts forward a medium to long term vision for how Council will respond to the opportunities and challenges facing Yarra over the next four years.

Council adopted the Council Plan in June 2013.

It provides guidance on how Council will work to improve the amenity of residents, manage the challenges presented by population growth, provide support to vulnerable community members, protect and enhance Yarra’s heritage and culture and continue to reduce the city’s environmental footprint.  

The Council Plan focuses on five strategic objectives:

  • Celebrating Yarra’s uniqueness
  • Supporting Yarra’s community
  • Making Yarra more liveable
  • Ensuring a sustainable Yarra
  • Leading Local Government

The Council Plan can be viewed here:
pdf format Council Plan 2013-2017 (584.15 KB)
DOCX format Council Plan 2013-2017 (94.95 KB)

A larger, designed version of the Council Plan is here: pdf format Council Plan - 2013-17 (9.57 MB)

Previous Council Plans

Download Council Plans from previous years:

Further information
Ross Goeman
Manager Community & Corporate Planning
9205 5397

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