Annual Report

Yarra's Annual Report 2014-15 outlines Council’s actions and achievements over the last 12 months and provides important information relating to its finances and governance.

A primary function of the Annual Report is to openly and honestly discuss Council’s progress towards the objectives it established in its Council Plan. It also explores some of the key services and programs that Council provides to the community.

Notice of intention to consider Annual Report

Pursuant to Section 134 of the Local Government Act 1989, notice is hereby given that Yarra City Councilwill consider its 2014-15 Annual Report at an Ordinary Council Meeting at Richmond Town Hall (333 BridgeRoad) at 7pm on Tuesday 20 October 2015.

The Annual Report 2014-15, including the Financial Report and Performance Statement, can be viewed below:

pdf format Yarra Annual Report 2014-15 Text Version (3.70 MB)

Copies of the Annual Report can be obtained from Richmond Town Hall (during business hours) or by contacting Erin Marcon, Communications and Engagement Advisor, on 9205 5489 or at

Previous Annual Reports

Here are Council's Annual Reports from previous years: 


pdf format Annual Report 2013-14 (6.00 MB)


pdf format City of Yarra Annual Report - 2012-13 (4.88 MB)


pdf format 2011-2012_Annual Report (3.38 MB)
pdf format 2011-2012_Annual Report_Financials (4.29 MB)
rtf format 2011-2012 Annual Report.rtf (1.32 MB)


pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 0-41) (2.89MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 42-68) (2.95MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 69-93) (2.89MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 94-117) (2.09MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 118-141) (2.60MB)


pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part One) (1.28MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Two) (1.56MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Three) (1.59MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Four) (515.03kB)


pdf format 2008-09 Annual Report (Part One) (1.68MB)
pdf format 2008-09 Annual Report (Part Two) (2.30MB)


pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part One) (1.20MB)
pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part Two) (2.90MB)
pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part Three) (2.23MB) 


Further information
Brooke Colbert
Coordinator Communications
9205 5122 

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