Annual report

The Annual Report 2012-13 outlines Council’s actions and achievements over the last 12 months and provides important information relating to its finances and governance.

One of the key functions of the Annual Report is to openly and honestly discuss Council’s progress towards the objectives it established in its Council Plan.

Council’s ultimate goal is to create a report that engages and informs residents, community groups, businesses, members of parliament, peak bodies and other interested parties. In doing this, Council has endeavoured to produce a more accessible, transparent and accountable document by:

  • including more detail on performance vs. targets.
  • referencing multi-year trends wherever possible.
  • making greater use of visual aids such as graphs, charts and maps.
  • providing more information on Councillors and senior staff.
  • ensuring that the text is accessible and concise.

Prior to writing this year’s Annual Report, Council closely considered guidance from the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Australasian Reporting Awards. Council also called for public submissions to help improve the publication.

 pdf format City of Yarra Annual Report - 2012-13 (4.88 MB)

Hard copies of the Annual Report can be obtained from the Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road) or by contacting Erin Marcon, Governance Advisor, on 9205 5121 or at

Previous Annual Reports

Here are Council's Annual Reports from previous years: 


pdf format 2011-2012_Annual Report (3.38 MB)
pdf format 2011-2012_Annual Report_Financials (4.29 MB)
rtf format 2011-2012 Annual Report.rtf (1.32 MB)


pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 0-41) (2.89MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 42-68) (2.95MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 69-93) (2.89MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 94-117) (2.09MB)
pdf format 2010-11 Annual Report (Pages 118-141) (2.60MB)

doc format 2010-11 Annual Report (589.50kB)


PDF format

pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part One) (1.28MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Two) (1.56MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Three) (1.59MB)
pdf format 2009-10 Annual Report (Part Four) (515.03kB)

Word format

doc format  2009-10 Annual Report (982.00kB)

(Please note: many of the financial documents are not included in this word version due to difficulties converting them into word).


pdf format 2008-09 Annual Report (Part One) (1.68MB)
pdf format 2008-09 Annual Report (Part Two) (2.30MB)


pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part One) (1.20MB)
pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part Two) (2.90MB)
pdf format 2007-08 Annual Report (Part Three) (2.23MB) 


Further information
Toby Walker
Senior Communications Officer
9205 5120 

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