Traffic in Church Street, RichmondYarra has seen an increase in traffic in recent years. Although there is a considerable amount of local traffic, many drivers are actually just travelling through Yarra to get to and from the Melbourne Central Business District.

Due to congestion on arterial roads, some drivers will take short cuts through residential streets. Council does put in place traffic measures to limit through-traffic, reduce speeds and improve safety.

Find out more about projects aimed at reducing car traffic and/or better protecting the amenity of residents against high traffic volumes:

Abbotsford Convent Precinct Traffic Study
Doncaster Rail Study
East Clifton Hill traffic management plan
Hoddle Street study
Local Area Traffic Management
Speed Limits 
Trains not tollsroads (campaign against east-west road) 

Further information
Richard Young
Manager - Infrastructure and Special Projects
9205 5712

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