Sports Grounds Seasonal Allocations

Fitzroy Junior Football Club at Alfred Cresent Oval

Yarra Council’s sports grounds and pavilions are available for use by local clubs based on a seasonal allocation process.

In order to give all park users the opportunity to enjoy these spaces and keep the grounds healthy, strict and limited licences apply.

During allocated times, all other park users should keep off the ground if they are being used by clubs for training and matches.

Further information about sharing Yarra’s parks and open spaces can be found here.

If you are a new club to the City of Yarra looking to be considered for a ground allocation it is recommended that you contact the Sports and Recreation Unit prior to placing an application.

Clubs are also required to read, understand and agree to abide by the pdf format Conditions of Use Agreement 2017 (681.95 KB)

Ground Applications Now Available for 2017 Winter - Sporting Season March – September

We invite sporting clubs and not for profit community organisations to apply for seasonal allocations and three year license agreements for use of Council’s Sports Grounds and Pavilions.

Council has the following sports facilities available for the 2017 winter season:

  • Alphington Park Oval & Pavilion, Alphington
  • Alfred Crescent Oval & Pavilion, North Fitzroy
  • Alan Bain Reserve & Pavilion, Richmond
  • Burnley Oval & Pavilion, Burnley
  • Bastow 1 & 2 Pitch, Gilhan Pavilion
  • Citizen’s Park Oval & Pavilion, Richmond
  • Coulson Oval & Pavilion, Clifton Hill
  • Fairfield Oval and Pavilion, Fairfield
  • Fletcher 1 & 2 Pitch & Graham Pavilion, Burnley
  • George Knott Athletics and Soccer Facility, Clifton Hill
  • Loughnan Oval & Pavilion, Burnley
  • Quarries Soccer Pitch & Pavilion, Clifton Hill
  • Ramsden Oval & Pavilion, Clifton Hill
  • Walker St Reserve, Clifton Hill (training only)
  • WT Peterson Oval & Pavilion, North Fitzroy
  • Victoria Park & Sherrin Stand, Abbotsford (not available for 3yr licence)

 Yarra Bend Park Sports Grounds – Important information

If your club plans to utilize the following grounds during the winter season please contact Parks Victoria on 9488 3951 to discuss allocation needs and plans.

  • Fairlea West Soccer Ground
  • Fairlea East Cricket Ground
  • McCutcheon Oval (Deep Rock Pavilion)
  • Olney Oval (Deep Rock Pavilion)
  • Cox Oval (Deep Rock Pavilion)
  • Corben Oval (Corben Pavilion)

We would appreciate if you could provide an indication of your allocation needs at Yarra Bend as part of the attached ground application form.

Applications close Friday 3rd of February 2017

To make an application, please fill out the online application form or download the hard copy here docx format Winter 2017 Seasonal Ground Application Form (138.38 KB)


Applicants are required to provide the following information:

  • Certificate of Currency
  • Club Financial Statement 
  • Playing Member Post Codes (from last year)
  • Liquor License (if applicable)
  • Food Premises Registration (if applicable)
  • AGM Report
  • Proposed Training Schedule (by team and location)

Ground Allocation Criteria

Below is an overview of the criteria used to allocate grounds to Clubs within the City of Yarra.

Criteria for seasonal allocation



Unblemished tenancy record over the preceding season/s



Record of past present and future financial viability



Percentage of Yarra residents who are registered club members



Degree to which club supports and encourages participation by juniors, women and people with disabilities within their sport



Club's ability to optimise usage of facilities while keeping the facilities to a good standard



Historical use of facilities within the City of Yarra



Further Information
Trent Carpenter
Sports Development Officer
9205 5779

Peter Mitten
Sports Development Officer
9205 5735

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