Yarra Youth Arts Program Action Plan 2012 – 2015

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Council has developed a new Youth Arts Program Action Plan to create opportunities for young people to be involved in local art projects.

New youth arts activities and programs will begin in January 2013.

The plan was developed following a review of existing youth arts programs in Yarra. The review was conducted from February to May 2012 and involved consultation with young people, schools, arts organisations and service providers to examine strengths, challenges, and strategic opportunities within Yarra.

The Yarra Youth Arts Program Action Plan 2012 – 2015 appears below:  

pdf format Yarra Youth Arts Program Action Plan 2012 - 2015 (176.83 KB)
docx format Yarra Youth Arts Program Action Plan 2012 - 2015 (40.93 KB)

 The plan is guided by a vision for young people to:  

  • create art by working with, and learning from, professional artists and through practise
  • engage with and participate in the social, cultural, economic and creative life of the municipality
  • shine by having their creative skills, achievements and identity recognised and celebrated.

The four main goals of the plan are:

Goal 1: Young people CREATE


1.1 Opportunities to work with and learn from professional artists

  • Mentoring
  • School Holiday Program activities/events
  • Excursions and taster programs
  • Yarra Youth Artist in Residence Program
  • Yarra Youth Music Program.

1.2 Opportunities to practise

  • Studio practise
  • Summer residencies program
  • Responsive and targeted workshops. 

Goal 2: Young people ENGAGE


  • Youth arts advisory/engagement model
  • Open days
  • Youth Arts Grants
  • Yarra Youth Arts Expression of Interest Program.

Goal 3: Young people SHINE


  • Exhibitions, performance and public art
  • Yarra Youth Arts Facebook page
  • Pathways to education, training and employment
  • Youth programming at Yarra’s events and festivals
  • Youth focussed events and festivals
  • Yarra Freeza program.

GOAL 4: Activation, partnerships and collaboration


  • Continue to partner with Arts and Culture Branch
  • Activate spaces
  • Support existing youth arts projects/programs in Yarra
  • Sector arts forums
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Further information

Chris Parkinson
Youth Arts Development Officer
9426 1455


Angela Barnett
Youth Arts Activities and Engagement Officer 
9426 1455

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