Yarra schools research

Council is working on several research projects to better understand the secondary school needs of Yarra families.

Research on secondary school provision in Yarra

In August 2013 Council began a project to map Yarra’s secondary school student needs in relation to the mix of schools and programs currently available. This will expand on initial research (below) and compliment the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's (DEECD) Prahran study.

Council is speaking to parents about experiences in selecting a secondary school for their child; and to schools about what they are offering and how they perceive parent preferences.

You can find a basic demographic overview of Yarra’s secondary school age population here: 

pdf format Demographic Overview of Secondary School Age Children in Yarra (553.69 KB)


Previous research

In 2013, Council conducted a review of secondary school provision in Yarra, with a particular focus on Richmond.

The study examined population figures and expected growth alongside capacity and enrolment numbers and accessibility. The initial results do not indicate that there is a need for a new government school in Yarra but brought up a number of other issues with regard to options and access.

A summary of the findings from Council's secondary school review is available here:

PDF format Review of Secondary School Capacity - Summary of Findings - updated 11.12.13 (825.27 KB)

These results are supported by the findings of DEECD's recently published School Provision Plan for the Prahran Area: Demographic Study 2013.

This study did not find a need for a new government secondary school in the Prahran core area but presented a number of other recommendations, including undertaking additional research to review the low uptake at existing secondary schools, and monitoring demographic and population changes.


Yarra Youth Commitment - Primary Secondary School Transition Project

The Yarra Youth Commitment has undertaken the Primary Secondary School Transition Project, which aims to improve the transition experience of moving from primary school to secondary school for young people in Yarra.

To find out more, visit our Yarra Youth Commitment webpage.

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