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GLBTIQ Mapping Project

In early 2015, it was identified that a large number of referrals were being made to headspace Hawthorn, headspace Collingwood and Drummond Street Services for young people identifying as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, inter-sexed and/or queer (GLBTIQ).

Following discussions with a number of key agencies across Yarra, it was decided that a comprehensive map of the services and programs currently being provided in Yarra to children, young people and families from the GLBTIQ community needed to be developed.

The aim of the GLBTIQ Mapping Project is to map services and programs across Yarra and in neighbouring suburbs in order to:

  • better understand what is being delivered in Yarra for children, young people and families from the GLBTIQ community
  • identify gaps in services and programs
  • identify key issues and emerging trends for GLBTIQ community members in Yarra
  • identify challenges for agencies and organisations in relation to service and program delivery
  • identify possible future partnerships and areas of collaboration for Council

Approximately 30-40 key GLBTIQ and generalist agencies and organisations who work with children, youth and families in Yarra and the inner north region; as well as relevant Council branches were surveyed to gather information for the project.

Consultation was also undertaken with individual agencies and organisations across Yarra to learn about current programs and services for the GLBTIQ community.

Findings from the survey and consultations with agencies are informing the Mapping Project and are also being used to inform the planning and delivery of the Yarra GLBTIQ Youth Forum.



For further information contact:
Rupert North
Coordinator Youth and Middle Years
9426 1503

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