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Image of participant in SMS programYarra Leisure offers several community programs across our facilities. Please see below a brief description of the programs currently on offer. Should you require any further information on any of Yarra Leisure’s community programs please contact Yarra Leisure’s Community Development Worker, Colin Sneesby by email at


Striving for Maximum Strength


SMS is a strength training program that not only provides physical benefits, like strength, flexibility and balance, but also allows people of all abilities to exercise and engage in a safe, encouraging environment.

Yarra Leisure recognises that people with chronic health issues often find it difficult to maintain gym memberships, and train in isolation. Striving for Maximum Strength (SMS) offers two sessions per week, on a sessional basis, no long term contracts, with a fully supported individual program, with sessions available at our facilities in Richmond or Clifton Hill.

Richmond Recreation Centre
Wednesday 11am and Friday 11am

Collingwood Leisure Centre
Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm

Full $7.50 Conc. $3.80
Assessment $43.00

pdf format Striving for Maximum Strength (95.54 KB)


CP program


This is a one hour strength training session for people with cerebral palsy or other complex/high need conditions.

The majority of participants stated that they had received physical benefits, in which they experienced improved strength, mobility, bodily control and fitness, as well as an increase in energy and muscle development. Intrinsic wellbeing outcomes were also highlighted by a number of participants, with participants stating they had improved emotional wellbeing, confidence, motivation and determination, as well as the enjoyment gained from participating. Finally, participants stated that they had recognised social outcomes, with the development of friendships, social bonding and shared support systems.” - from a study of the program by Disability Sport and Recreation.

Only pay for each session attended, no membership required. Before joining the program we require a referral from a health professional. Please bring this along to an initial assessment with our gym instructor.

Richmond Recreation Centre
Wednesdays 1pm

Full $11.00 Conc. $5.40
Assessment $43.00

pdf format CP Program (67.14 KB)

Living Longer Living Stronger

Living Longer Living Stronger is a Council on the Ageing (COTA) endorsed strength training program for people over 50.

Regular resistance training has been shown to have great health benefits for people as they age.

No membership is required! Participants can attend on a session by session basis. The sessions are one hour duration, and include a 5 minute cardio warm up, a 40 minute individualised program, and a 15 minute group core, balance and stretch.

For further information regarding the Living Longer Living Stronger Program please click here. 

Women Making Waves


A fun and active women’s only swimming program encouraging women of all ages, cultures and abilities to attend and participate in learn to swim lessons and general aquatic activities. Held in a culturally sensitive and male free environment, the program is offered on Saturday evenings at Collingwood Leisure Centre between 6.30pm – 8.30pm.


African Children Swimming Program


The African Children’s Swimming Program offers children between the ages of 4-12 years old the opportunity to learn vital swimming and water safety skills. This program targets newly arrived and refugee immigrants to Australia from Africa.

Community memberships


The Yarra Leisure Community Membership enables community based or non-government organisations to purchase memberships for their clients, on Health Care cards, at a significantly reduced rate. This is facilitated through the organisations registered with the program, Yarra Leisure does not distribute Community Memberships to the individual users.

This is an award winning program that aims to provide access to Yarra Leisure facilities to all sections of our community.

Asylum seeker / homeless memberships


Yarra Leisure recognises the difficulties facing both of these groups in obtaining a Health Care card to allow them access to our Community Memberships program. In response to this we have introduced the opportunity for agencies and community organisations involved with these groups to apply for three month memberships for their clients.


Community Golf


We offer not for profit community organisations the chance to play a round of golf at our beautiful Burnley Golf Course. For a low cost per player we offer a round of golf plus free hire of clubs, buggies and balls.

In order to participate bookings are required the week before and staff from the organisition are required to attend.


Collingwood Estate Gym


Yarra Leisure operates a small community gym at the base of 253 Hoddle Street on the Collingwood Housing Estate. The gym is open to all residents of the estate and surrounding area for a low entry fee. It is always staffed by qualified Gym Instructors.

We run specialist training programs for the young people of the estate on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as developing programs for other populations in conjunction with resident groups and other community organisations.  



Further information
Colin Sneesby - Community Development Worker
Yarra Leisure

9205 5032

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