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Children with swim instructorOur LTS program contains six Yarra Leisure levels, and enables students to progress through at their own pace.  From blowing bubbles, floating and introductory swimming skills to developing stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, lessons cover all the vital swimming and water safety skills.

Assessments are conducted of all students each term.  All skills are mastered before progressing to next level.  Students will receive a progress report detailing skill achievements at the end of every term.  Make sure to pick up your child’s swim school report from the swim school office.

If you have any questions related to your child’s' progress or grading please approach the Swim School office, as the instructors have very little time between classes. 

Level 1

3.5 years +; 1 teacher: 4 students (Duration - 30 mins) 

With a focus on correct body position and a straight leg kick, this class is for pre-school age beginners with little to no water experience. At the completion of level one swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • slide in entry
  • climb out over edge
  • jump from edge to teacher
  • assisted front float
  • assisted back float
  • aided straight leg kick on front
  • aided straight leg kick on back
  • submerge completely
  • blow bubbles underwater
  • dog paddle in deep 

Level 2

1 teacher: 5 students (Duration - 30 mins)

Whilst continuing to develop confidence in the water, level two introduces the freestyle and backstroke arm action and works on streamline propulsion in the water. At the completion of level two swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • independent jump and return
  • independent float on front
  • independent float on back
  • introduction to lateral breathing
  • push and glide in streamline
  • torpedo on front
  • fwd alternating arms with kick
  • torpedo on back
  • backwards alternating arms with kick
  • collect object from bottom
  • 10 sec treading water 

Level 3

1 teacher: 5 students (Duration - 30 mins)

Level three develops bilateral freestyle breathing and introduces butterfly kick and a kneeling dive. Children also continue to learn safety and survival skills. At the completion of level three swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • kneeling dive
  • compact jump
  • turning torpedo
  • free with bilateral breathing
  • backstroke 10 M
  • introduction to dolphin kick
  • handstand
  • swim underwater
  • sculling head first on back
  • tread water 30 secs
  • be rescued
  • introduction to PFDs 

Level 4

1 teacher: 6 students (Duration - 30 mins)

Students work on a more sophisticated understanding of freestyle and backstroke techniques and introduce survival backstroke and breaststroke kicks. At the completion of level four swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • stride entry
  • freestyle 25 M
  • backstroke 25 M
  • survival backstroke kick
  • breaststroke kick
  • dolphin kick on front
  • dolphin kick on back
  • somersault
  • sculling hands first on front
  • tread water 1 minute
  • throw rescue 

Level 5

1 teacher: 7 students (Duration - 30 mins)

Level five sees the introduction of survival backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, with a continued development of survival and rescue skills, and an enhanced understanding of efficient movement through the water. At the completion of level five swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • standing dive
  • freestyle 50 M
  • backstroke 50 M
  • survival backstroke
  • breaststroke 3 second glide
  • introduction to butterfly
  • introduction to tumble turn
  • streamline kick underwater
  • sculling feet first on back
  • reach rescue
  • survival sequence 

Pre Squad

1 teacher: 8 students (Duration - 45 mins)

The focus of Pre-squad is to provide students with all of the theoretical understanding and technical skills required to participate in our squad program. Pre-squad also provides a foundation for the strength and fitness required for squad swimmers. On completing pre-squad swimmers will have mastered the following skills:

  • introduction to racing dive
  • freestyle 100 M
  • backstroke 100 M
  • breaststroke 25 M
  • butterfly 10 M
  • tumble turn
  • backstroke turn
  • Introduction to 100 M individual medley
  • eggbeater kick
  • rope rescue
  • survival sequence  

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