Infant swimming with parentsOur Infant program, which features three levels of age specific parent-child classes, aims to introduce infants to the aquatic environment by building water confidence and developing basic swimming and safety skills.

Classes are conducted in a fun and interactive environment that incorporate games and songs


6 months - 18 months; 1 teacher: 8 students + parent/guardian 

Our first infant’s level introduces children to the water and facilitates parents in learning how to support their child in the water.

  • water play
  • front float with parent support
  • back float with parent support
  • introduction to directional movement
  • wet face
  • introduction to submersion  


18 months – 2.5 years; 1 teacher: 8 students + parent/guardian 

Continuing to work on movement in the water and submersion, children at this level will be familiarised with correct body position and entry and exit from the pool.

  • assisted entry
  • assisted climb out over edge
  • aided front float
  • aided back float
  • directional movement
  • submerge head 


2.5 years – 3.5 years; 1 teacher: 8 students + parent/guardian

At this level children can start to blow bubbles when they submerge and will be introduced to kicking through the water.

  • slide in entry    
  • climb out over edge
  • jump from edge to parent
  • assisted front float
  • aided kick on front
  • aided kick on back
  • submerge and blow bubbles
  • introduction to deep water


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