Fitzroy change room upgrade

Fitzroy Pool - 50m outdoor poolWe are excited to announce that the change room facilities at Fitzroy Swimming Pool will receive a substantial upgrade in 2017.

The works to be conducted are part of Council’s renewal program and capital works budget; with works being completed in a 2 stage process.


  • From Monday 6 February, the male change room will be closed to the public for renovations. It is anticipated that the closure will be between 10 to 12 weeks.

  • The female change room will be closed to the public for renovations post the works being completed in the male change room. Further updates will be provided during the project.

Please note – the above timeline indications are subject to change and are dependent upon contractors and suppliers completing tasks in line with the project plan. Any amendments to the project timelines will be communicated accordingly.

Scope of works

The refurbishment works to be conducted include;

  • An upgrade to fixtures and fittings, flooring, tiling, new bathrooms, shower partitions, and bench seating
  • Maintenance works including repairs to internal and external drains, and supply of hot and cold water.

The works to be completed will be in two stages. The extent of the works will be within the current building area; with no increase in the area of the change rooms.

Stage 1

The upgrade of the male and female toilets and change rooms from January to June 2017.

Stage 2

Upgrade of the accessible and family change rooms, the front entry ramp and steps from July to October 2017.

The building program is scheduled for completion of the male change rooms in the first instance and then the female change rooms before moving on to the accessible and family change rooms. Only one change room space will be closed at a time. The entire project is scheduled for completion in October 2017.

Given the substantial improvement works underway, we recognise this may be inconvenient to our members and guests at different times throughout the project. Whenever possible we encourage you to arrive at Fitzroy ready for your workout or swim. While we anticipate a certain degree of construction noise at various stages throughout the refurbishment works, we are working closely with the builders and project managers to ensure there is limited disruption to the environment and normal operations.

Facilities available during the works

During the renovation works, a portable building will be installed on the grass area located near the toddler pool to allow clear visibility and ensure safety. This will comprise of 2 change rooms and a large change area.

An amenity building for toilets and temporary shower facilities will be installed to the west end of the site, located at the deep end of the outdoor 50m pool. Additional temporary showers will be available near the shallow end of the 50m pool.

Access to lockers during the works

During the planned closures of the change rooms, the existing locker bays in the change rooms will be relocated near the deep end of the outdoor 50m pool.

The electronic lockers on pool deck will be removed; however an additional bank of wooden lockers will be setup on the south side of the site, located near the toddler pool and at the shallow end of the outdoor 50m pool.

Construction drawings and plans

Construction drawings and plans of the new change rooms at Fitzroy Swimming Pool will be provided in the coming weeks.

Fact sheets

pdf format Fitzroy Swimming Pool - change room works - Stage 1 - January 2017 (297.91 KB) 

Further information
Project Manager
Karen Hucker
Project Manager Buildings
9205 5704

Centre Manager
Colin McKibbin
Fitzroy Swimming Pool Centre Manager
9205 5180

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