Personal Trainer profiles

Adam Cooper - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerAdam Cooper

Since pursuing a career in the health and fitness industry back in 2007, Adam has experienced many different roles within the industry leaving him with the experience to deal with a broad range of clients. After completing his Bachelor in Sport and Recreation, Adam moved to Melbourne from New Zealand.

Adam wants to help as many people as he can to reach their personal goals and to create an active lifestyle. To support this claim Adam has undergone several courses ranging from boxing through to nutrition and exercise for pre and post natal.



Adam Horton - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerAdam Horton

Adam believes 'the body is made for movement and that by moving or being active, we promote both a healthy and enjoyable life.’

His extensive experience as a dance teacher enables him to draw from a broad base of movement knowledge, helping his clients to achieve their individual fitness goals through creative, enjoyable and challenging exercise.




Bo Li - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerBo Li

Bo Li is a personal trainer with over seven years of training experience. Bo has worked with a wide range of individuals all with varying fitness goals including; weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, tone up and cardiovascular health.

Bo works to help his clients reach their fitness goals, feel stronger and more confident in the gym and in their personal lives.

Bo can assist with training programs, nutritional and supplementation programs which include daily phone calls, messages and weekly updates to keep you on track!


Colin Sneesby - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerColin Sneesby

Colin was given a diary by his parents for his 10th birthday. They probably intended him to confide his deepest feelings to it. He used it as an exercise journal noting push ups achieved and laps of the block completed.

After being temporarily distracted by a 20 year career in the performing arts Colin is back to his first love of devising exercise programs.

With a background studying ballet and contemporary dance as well as a long term study of several martial arts and western boxing (he is currently gaining his teaching qualifications in a Filipino Martial Art) Colin’s approach to the body is a little different from the conventional body builder.


Costa Symeonidis - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerCosta Symeonidis

Looking to get that aesthetic beach body look? Costa can help!

Having always been an active participant in sport he has trained actively on his body for the past 10 years in order to achieve optimal results.





Daniel Koster - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerDaniel Koster 

After spending more than 15 years in the manufacturing industry, Daniel decided to take the plunge into a career which he is passionate about - Health and Fitness.

As a dedicated trainer, Daniel loves being fit, healthy and making the most out of life, which is reflected in the way he trains and encourages clients to set goals, maximise their potential and achieve their very best.

During Daniel’s career, he has acquired knowledge and experience in delivering innovative personal training programs to suit each individuals needs, continually seeking new approaches for clients to gain maximum results.



Lauren Rovis - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerLauren Rovis

Lauren’s active lifestyle began at a young age when she fell in love with all things sport. These days she practices what she preaches in the gym and thrives on the body transformations and accompanying confidence that weight training provides her clients.

With 10 years experience as a trainer, Lauren understands that one style of training does not fit all, and therefore strives to create personalised approaches for each of her clients, providing appropriate motivation and support.

Studying her masters in Health Promotion, Lauren brings a holistic approach to training ensuring maximum returns for those determined (or dedicated) to see results.


Silvia Garrett - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerSilvia Garrett

Silvia has been working in the sport and recreation field since 2007 where she started working for the local aquatic centres and the Polytechnic gym and aquatic centre during her studies.

She moved to Melbourne from NZ after finishing studying for her Bachelor in Sport and Recreation in 2010. She has a sporting background in Tennis, Netball and Taekwondo, where she is currently working towards grading for her 2nd Dan black belt.

Silvia is passionate about health and fitness and looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals.


Sue Whillans - Yarra Leisure Personal TrainerSue Whillans

Having always been physically active and loving anything to do with the body and movement, it was natural for Sue to pursue a career in health and fitness.

For the past 20 years Sue has been actively involved in sharing health and wellbeing advice to many people with a variety of needs in the gym environment.

Combining her knowledge and experience as a myotherapist together with years of experience in the gym, Sue offers a holistic and functional approach to training. People can be reassured that her training is safe and appropriate for all abilities.


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