Food Know How

Placing food scrapes in a worm farmCouncil, in partnership with Cultivating Community, launched the Food Know How program in June 2013.

To find out more about the program, including how you can sign up to get a subsidised compost bin or worm farm, visit

What is Food Know How?

Food Know How aims to boost the community’s knowledge about getting the most out of fresh food, avoiding waste and saving money through smart food planning, shopping and storage.
It also shows how you can recycle leftovers in compost bins and worm farms, either at home, at your business or at local compost hubs.

The program offers online resources to help you plan your weekly menu, find recipes for foods in season and ways to use up your left over veggies.
It also provides handy tips for storing your fresh food, minimising waste and composting leftovers.

By signing up to the Food Know How program, you receive free support and advice to help you get the best out of your food and save money.

This program is specifically aimed at individual households, cafés and office based businesses.

You can find out more about compost bins and worm farms here.

Further information
Lisa Coffa
Waste Minimisation Coordinator
9205 5517


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