Victoria Street Gateway Project

 On 16 January 2014, a culturally-themed gateway was installed at the intersection of Victoria Street and Hoddle Street in Richmond.

The gateway recognises Asian migration to the area and pays tribute to the cultural contributions that have established Victoria Street's reputation as a bustling and diverse retail and dining strip.

Here is a time-lapse video showing the Gateway being installed. This short clip is condensed from about seven hours of footage into just under two minutes.


Here is a short clip made prior to the Gateway's installation explaining some of the elements that inspired its design.



Every year thousands of people gather on Victoria Street to celebrate Vietnamese and Chinese culture for Lunar New Year.
The Lunar New Year street festival has grown from a small community gathering of local families to become one of Melbourne's most anticipated cultural celebrations.
Victoria Street has also developed a greater focus on tourism, becoming a vibrant dining and retail strip popular with local and overseas visitors.

In April 2010, Council adopted a Victoria Street Structure Plan.
Consultations during the development of the Structure Plan indicated community support for recognising and enhancing the cultural identity of Victoria Street.

The Victoria Street Gateway project was a joint initiative of Council and the Richmond Asian Business Association.
The project was supported by the Federal and State governments, which committed a combined $1.5 million towards the gateway's construction.
Council has committed $500,000 in funding and in-kind support towards the gateway project.  

In 2011, award winning Gregory Burgess Architects and Thompson Berrill Landscape Design were selected to research and prepare designs for the gateway following a public tender process.  
Those concepts were presented to a project reference group involving members from the Richmond Asian Business Association, Collingwood and Abbotsford Residents' Association and service authorities, before they were put out for wider community comment in June 2012.   

Having adopted initial design concepts in August 2012, Council resolved to continue work with its consulting architects and key stakeholders to prepare detailed designs for Stage One of the proposed works (Hoddle Street to the rail bridge).
Throughout 2013, detailed designed continued while Council initiated the processes for tendering for the construction project and gaining the necessary planning approvals.

In late 2012, initial work to prepare the site for the structure began.
The gateway was erected on 16 January 2014, just a few days before the Lunar New Year Festival.

Additional treatments such as the hats suspended over the roadway and the artworks planned for the rail bridge were expected to be installed by the end of February 2014.


Supporting documents:
pdf format Victoria Street Gateway Plans - Part 1 (2.33 MB)
pdf format Victoria St Gateway Plans - Part 2 (2.26 MB)
pdf format Victoria St Gateway Plans - Part 3 (2.48 MB)
pdf format Victoria St Gateway Plans Part 4 (1.82 MB)
pdf format Victoria St Gateway Plans Part 5 (1.11 MB)
pdf format Victoria St Gateway Plans Part 6 (2.23 MB)

Further information
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Coordinator - Urban Design
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