Rathdowne St - Curtain St intersection improvements

Council will upgrade the intersection of Curtain and Rathdowne streets in North Carlton in April 2013.

Community feedback sought by Council in January 2013 supported works to occur at the intersection.

Key features of the proposed works to be carried out in April 2013, include:

  • Installing a kerb build-out at the north-west corner of the abovementioned intersection
  • Extending the existing central median islands on Rathdowne Street
  • Considering bio-retention tree pits and low plantation in the proposed kerb build-out
  • Installing bicycle parking on Rathdowne Street (at the north-west corner of the intersection).

A site plan of the proposed works is included in this PDF: pdf format Proposed works for intersection of Rathdowne and Curtain streets (230.33 KB)

These works are aimed at improving safety for pedestrians crossing Rathdowne and Curtain streets and managing vehicle movements at the intersection.

 The proposed treatment will reverse the existing parking layout on Curtain Street between Rathdowne and Drummond streets to minimise loss of parking, i.e. 60 degree angled parking bays on the northern side and parallel parking bays on the southern side.


Further information
Bhavin Shah
Traffic Engineer
9205 5778


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