East Richmond Station Precinct Improvements

East Richmond Station PrecinctCouncil has approved detailed designs to improve access and amenity in the East Richmond Station Precinct.

The detailed designs include dedicated pedestrian and cyclist zones to improve access between the station and surrounding streets.
The designs also propose to improve the urban environment around the station by planting new trees and installing extra seating and bike hoops to make the area more welcoming and safe.

On 6 August 2012, Council approved plans to complete detailed designs for improving access around the station.

An initial proposal in the plans to close Shakespeare Place off to vehicles was rejected by Council after a number of public submissions opposing the idea were received during a round of public consultation in May 2012.
Shakespeare Place is now proposed to be a shared zone between pedestrians and one-way vehicle traffic, with vehicles accessing the rear car park from Swan Street.

Notice of Intention to use land for landscaping works and to block the passage and access of vehicles at the southernmost end of Shakespeare Place and Royal Place, Richmond

In accordance with the Local Government Act, Council is seeking submissions on the design proposal that would remove 27 car parking bays as part of the wider project to improve access and amenity around East Richmond Station.

Access changes would be made to land on the east side of the southern end of Shakespeare Place (Certificate of Title Volume 4011 Folio 068, shown as Lot 1 in Title Plan 255668). This is shown as Land A on the map below.
Land use between the southern sections of Royal Place and Shakespeare Place (Certificate of Title Volume 6547 Folio 224, shown as Lot 1 in Title Plan 374862) would also be changed. This is shown as Land B on the map below.

East Richmond Station - Stats Ads for Car Parking removal

Under the proposal, these parcels of land would no longer be used for parking.
Council is proposing to instead use them for car park access, as well as pedestrian access, bicycle parking and landscaping as part of general improvements around the station precinct.
These changes would involve the placement of permanent barriers at the southernmost 4.5 metre sections of Royal Place and Shakespeare Place.

The closing date for submissions about the proposed changes was 5 November 2012. A report on the feedback collected is expected to be considered by Council in early 2013.

The Precinct

The East Richmond Station Precinct is bounded by Swan, Church, Adolph and Green streets.
The proposed design focuses on land surrounding East Richmond Station, including the roads and laneways providing access to the station and the underpass connecting Green Street to Adolph Street.

Precinct overview

 East Richmond Station Precinct - Adopted Design August 2012

Key features of the proposed design

Shakespeare Place

Shakespeare Place is a narrow road that connects Swan Street to the car park located next to the rail lines beside Coles.

The street would become a shared zone for vehicles and pedestrians, which would be monitored to determine the impact on traffic movements around the precinct. 

Shakespeare Place to Royal Place

pdf format Shakespeare Place - PDF (901.63 KB)

A pedestrian crossing would be installed outside the entrance to Coles on Royal Place to provide safer access to the supermarket entrance.
The crossing would link up with a dedicated pedestrian pathway from Shakespeare Place.
Vehicles would still be able to use Royal Place to exit the precinct at Swan Street, while a new bluestone strip would be constructed on the western side of Royal Place to create a pedestrian zone.

Royal Place Artists Impression



Church Street to Shakespeare Place

pdf format Church Street - Shakespeare Place - PDF (949.58 KB)

A new pedestrian plaza would be created from the Church Street ramp exit to Shakespeare Place.
A total of 27 parking spaces along the rail line boundary fence would be removed to make way for the pedestrian and cyclist path.
A new avenue of trees would separate the path from the car park and provide shade, while new garden beds and landscaping would open up and beautify access from Church Street.

Church Street to Shakespeare Place Artists Impressions

Church Street to Shakespeare Place Image


Adolph Street

Adolph Street is a narrow street that connects Church Street to the car park located at the southern end of train station.
The plan proposes to widen the footpath on the eastern end of Adolph Street to provide better pedestrian access to the station from Church Street.
The improved footpath would allow for pram and wheelchair access, while one-way vehicle traffic eastbound from Adolph Street to Church Street would be maintained.
Parking would no longer be possible on the eastern end of Adolph Street due to the widened footpath.
The small road leading from Adolph Street to the southern platform would become a pedestrian zone, potentially with a raingarden planting bed next to the railway building.


Green Street and Railway Place

pdf format Railway Place - PDF (846.50 KB)

Green Street would continue to be the main entry point to the northern part of the station precinct for vehicles and cyclist coming from Swan Street.
New shared vehicle/bicycle lanes are proposed on Green Street which would require removal of car parking spaces from one side of the street.
Two-way vehicle traffic would be maintained on Railway Place, with an improved pedestrian zone created on the southern side of the street marked with bollards and new trees.


Railway Place Image


Underpass Improvements

The pedestrian/cyclist underpass that connects Railway Place with Adolph Street would be upgraded with new lighting and anti-graffiti paint.


Project Background

A plan for the station precinct wasoriginally developed in 2009 with funding from the State Government's Creating Better Places program. 
The purpose of the plan was to address poor pedestrian access between the station and surrounding roads, improve safety and better manage local traffic movements.
Traders and the local community were asked to provide feedback on that plan in late 2009.

The detailed design, as outlined in this flyer, is generally in accordance with the 2009 plan.
However, some changes have been made, mainly to allow for better amenity for pedestrians and cyclists. 

In May 2012, amended designs for the station precinct were release for consultation.
Seven public submissions were received and presented to Council for consideration on 6 August 2012.

Further information
Mark Gebbie
Public Space Designer
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