Enclosed workplaces

Interior of a restaurantAll enclosed workplaces are now required to be smoke free.

The definition of a workplace includes any premises or area where one or more employees or self-employed persons (or both) work, whether or not they receive payment for the work. Examples of workplaces are:

  • Restaurants or cafes
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Retail shops
  • Factories, petrol stations, manufacturing premises
  • Carparks

Enclosed workplaces are required to be smoke free regardless of whether the public has access to the area, e.g. a staff room, or how many people work there.

Outdoor areas are still suitable for smokers but only if they are not enclosed.


Enclosed workplaces that are licensed premises or eating establishments are required to display no smoking signage at the entrance to the enclosed area, or in positions that are easily visible to patrons within the venue.

No Smoking signs displayed must contain:

  • a No Smoking symbol in the form of a circle and diagonal line printed in red over a depiction of a cigarette and smoke printed in black, or other symbol which clearly indicates that smoking is not permitted. The symbol must be at least 70mm in height; and
  • the phrase ‘No Smoking’ or ‘smoking prohibited’ or other wording that clearly indicates that smoking is not permitted (for example ‘smoke free area’). The lettering must be at least 20mm in height.

Further information about legal requirements for signage, as well as free stickers and artwork, is available from:  

Department of Health website - Tobacco


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