Food Act registration and notification

A customer at a salad barAll food businesses need to register or lodge a notification with Council for the premises where they sell or prepare food. 

Registration applies to Class 1, 2 and 3 food premises and is renewable annually.

For further information, refer to the Food Premises Classification information on the Department of Health website.

The registration period expires on 31 December each year unless the food business has specifically requested a shorter period of registration. Council sends applications to premises to renew their registration at the start of November. Applications must be returned and payment made at the end of November. Late fees, on the spot fines and potential prosecution apply to businesses who fail to renew their registration and operate without being registered.

Class 4 food premises, (those that only have low risk food handling), only need to lodge a “once off” notification for the premises with Council.  Notifications do not expire and do not require annual renewal. There is no fee for lodging a notification. A copy of the Food Premises Notification appears below:
docx format Food Premises Notification (41.00 KB)

Transferring Registration

It is the responsibility of the new proprietor of a Class 1 ,2 or 3 food premises to transfer the registration of the premises into their name. For more information, visit the Existing Food Businesses – Transfer of Proprietor webpage.

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