Food Safety Programs

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A Food Safety Program (FSP) is a written plan that shows how a food business will ensure that the food it sells is safe for human consumption.

Class 1 and 2 food premises must have a FSP and keep it at the premises at all times.

When applying to register a new food premises or take over (transfer) an existing food premises, the details of the FSP must be included as part of the application.

Types of food safety programs

Standard FSPs
Standard FSPs are prepared using a Department of Health-approved template. The following Department of Health FSP templates are available for use by most Class 2 food premises:

  • The DHHS - Food Safety Program Template for Class 2 Retail and Food Service Businesses - Version 3 (Template No F001). This template can be downloaded from the DHHS FSP Templates website page (see link below).
  • An electronic interactive FSP template called FoodSmart (Template No F002).  This template can be accessed here:  DHHS - FoodSmart website page.

A number of FSP templates have also been developed by different organisations or industry associations e.g. some large food chains. Depending on the template developer, these templates may be available to the public, to members of the organisation or association or to franchises. For more information on registered FSP templates see: DHHS Registered FSP Templates

Non Standard FSPs
Non Standard FSPs are specifically written for a particular food business.

Class 1 food premises must have a non-standard FSP due to the “at risk” people that the business provides food to such as the very young, the elderly or people in hospitals or nursing homes.

Class 2 food premises have a choice of having a standard or non-standard FSP.

Non Standard FSPs must be audited by a Department of Health-approved food safety auditor to make sure that the FSP is adequate for the business and is being complied with.  Audit results are sent to Council to ensure the food safety audit requirements are being complied with.

Food business proprietors
It is a legal requirement to comply with the FSP including implementing the specified processes and practices and keeping the required records.

More information on FSPs is available here – DHHS - Food Safety Program Website Page.

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