Middle Years Strategy

Council's Middle Years Strategy 2014-17 outlines a three year plan for the planning and delivery of services and programs for 8 - 12 year olds in Yarra.

The strategy was developed in partnership with children and young people, families, community agencies and services in late 2013.

Council sought community feedback on a draft  version of the strategy in November and December 2013. The strategy was formally adopted by Council in February 2014.

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pdf format Middle Years Strategy and Action Plan 2014-2017 (2.06 MB)

docx format Middle Years Strategy 2014-2017 (80.79 KB)
docx format Middle Years Strategy Action Plan 2014-2017.docx (49.49 KB)

Background information

The Middle Years Strategy was informed by extensive consultations undertaken by a number of research institutes on behalf of Yarra City Council which included:

1) Consultations with early and middle years children and their families was conducted by the Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne. The research team consulted with 124 children and 159 families from across Yarra. Consultations aimed to identify the views and experiences of children (from birth to 12 years of age) and their families on the factors that strengthened and/or limit children’s and families quality of life and participation in Yarra.

pdf format Early and Middle Years Consultation Children and Families Report - University of Melbourne 2013.pdf (2.34 MB)

2) Consultations with the early and middle years sector, and community agencies were conducted the Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. 103 representatives from children, family and youth services, schools and internal council branches were consulted through a facilitated workshop, online surveys and focus groups.

docx format Consultation with the Early Middle Years Sector in the City of Yarra Report - Murdoch University 2013.docx (1.24 MB)

pdf format Consultation with the Early Middle Years Sector in the City of Yarra Report - Murdoch University 2013.pdf (1.50 MB)

3) 763 households completed either hard copy or face-to-face interview style surveys in 2013. Council conducted the online surveys and  Metropolis Research was engaged to conduct the face-to- face surveys and collate the findings. The surveys aimed to explore priority areas for children and young people; factors that contribute to a happy life for children and young people and to identify their biggest worries and concerns. In addition, the surveys also explored views as to whether Yarra is a good place for children and young people to live/grow up; and ways in which they contribute positively to the Yarra community.

pdf format Yarra Famiy Youth and Children Survey Report 2013.pdf (589.19 KB)

In addition, consultation were held at external networks such as the Richmond Local Area Partnership, the Collingwood Children and Young People Network, the Yarra Youth Providers Network and the Yarra Education Youth Commitment.


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Further information
Rupert North
Coordinator Youth and Middle Years
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