Engaging with Yarra’s culturally diverse communities

program-funded-by-Inner-North-Community-FoundationCouncil places great emphasis on communicating and engaging with our community, particularly people in culturally diverse communities.

The vast majority of Yarra’s population speak English well or very well.  However, just under 5,000 people reported in the ABS Census 2011 that they did not speak English well or at all, which is slightly higher than the average for Greater Melbourne. 

The main languages spoken by this group are Vietnamese, Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka. Interestingly, except for Hakka, more than 50 per cent of the people in each of these groups speak English well or very well.

Council endeavours to provide our culturally diverse communities with information and access  across the spectrum of Council services, including Aged and Disability Services, Library Services, Family, Children’s and Youth Services, Venues and Events.

A detail list of all the information and services that Council provides for its culturally diverse community is available here: 
docx format Communicating with Yarra's Culturally Diverse Community(40.21 KB)

Resources for CALD community members

Council offers info packs which provide information about Council services in a number of community languages. To find out more, visit our Speaking Your Language webpage.

For a listing of resources and information relevant to CALD community members, visit our Multicultural Services webpage.



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