Victoria St Streetscape Masterplan

Victoria Street Gateway Night ViewCouncil has adopted the Victoria Street Streetscape Masterplan. The masterplan is designed to guide future streetscape improvements in the Victoria Street precinct which extends for 2.1 kilometres from Hoddle Street to the Yarra River.

Council undertook community consultation on the draft masterplan for a four week period from Monday 22 June through Friday 17 July, 2015. 

The Victoria Strreet master plan is in multiple parts due to file size.


In 2010, Council adopted the Victoria Street Structure Plan which identified key objectives relating to public space, transport and access in the area. One of the strategies to meet these objectives was to prepare a streetscape masterplan for the precinct.


The draft masterplan aims to define and retain the precinct’s community identity and economic vitality and to make it a vibrant, safe and attractive area. It has the following six primary objectives designed to benefit residents, businesses and the wider community:

  • Enhance the cultural identity and unique qualities of Victoria Street
  • Improve the quality of the public realm
  • Investigate opportunities for new or improved public space
  • Create more areas of shade and greenery in the street
  • Implement a consistent street furniture program
  • Encourage crime prevention through environmental design

Key projects

The draft masterplan identifies seven key projects that will create new and attractive spaces and foster a greater sense of community, promote a safer night-time environment and give the area a fresh, vibrant look. They are:

  • Gateway Triangle – create a pocket park in North Richmond
  • North Richmond Public Plaza – create a public plaza and enhanced transport interchange at the intersection of Victoria Street and Jonas Street
  • Lennox Street/Nicholson Street intersection upgrade – provide a safer crossing for pedestrians and bicycles and enhance tram connections
  • ‘Non La’ hats – continue the gateway theme throughout the retail precinct with the installation of smaller scale ‘Non La’ hats at major intersections
  • Shop Improvement Program – improve the appearance of shop fronts and their and relationship to the street
  • Williams Reserve upgrade - upgrade the existing reserve with new planting and play equipment
  • Walmer Street Plaza – create a new public meeting space and thoroughfare


Further information
Mark Gebbie
Urban Design Unit
9205 5182

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