Housing Strategy

Traffic in Johnston StreetCouncil's Housing Strategy aims to plan for and manage housing growth and change across Yarra up to 2026.

The strategy, which was adopted in October 2010, considers Yarra’s capacity for housing growth and identifies areas capable of accommodating increased residential development.  

Here is the Housing Strategy 2010-2013 (8.28MB) in rtf format. Alternatively, the strategy is available for viewing in sections below:

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Policy Context
4. Council Roles and Responsibilities
5. Developing the Yarra Housing Strategy
6. Built Environment
7. Social Environment
8. Sustainability


In April 2010, Council sought feedback on an Issues and Opportunities Paper to assist in its development of the Housing Strategy. A range of strategies and actions was put forward in the draft strategy, with a focus on issues that Council can influence through its land-use planning and functions. It focussed on three key themes - built environment, social environment and sustainability. Council sought community feedback on the draft strategy in July and August 2010 and formally adopted the strategy at its October 2010 meeting.

The Draft Housing Strategy and the Issues and Opportunities Paper can be viewed here:

 pdf format Draft Housing Strategy.pdf (330.78kB)
 pdf format Issues and Opportunities Paper - Draft Housing Strategy.pdf (212.28kB) 

Further information
Janet Keily
Senior Strategic Planner
9205 5027

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