Amendment C198

Amendment C198 – Heritage Overlays in Collingwood and Abbotsford 

Council adopted Amendment C198 at its meeting on 19 July 2016 and has submitted it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The land affected by the amendment is located within Collingwood and Abbotsford.

The amendment proposes an extension of three existing Heritage Overlay precincts and the introduction of one new individual place.


  • Charles Street Precinct - 227-233 Nicholson Street, 160 Park Street, and 50-96 and 57-103 Stafford Street
  • Gold Street Precinct - 5-17 and 8-26 Blanche Street, and 30 Mater Street
  • Johnston Street Precinct - 114 and 127A – 133 Campbell Street, and 69-81 Palmer Street


  • 2 James Street, Abbotsford

Amendment C198 Supporting Documentation 

docx format Yarra C198 Explanatory Report Approval.docx (42.74 KB)

docx format Yarra C198 Instruction Sheet Approval.docx (18.72 KB)

doc format C198 Clause 22.02 Approval.doc (1.14 MB)

doc format C198 Clause 43.01s - Schedule to the Heritage Overlay - Approval.doc (596.50 KB)

docx format C198 List of Amendments - Approval.docx (20.48 KB)

pdf format Collingwood and Abbotsford Stage 2 report FINAL.pdf (10.53 MB)

pdf format Yarra C198 001hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (53.37 KB)

pdf format Yarra C198 002hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (65.99 KB)

pdf format Yarra C198 003hoMap02.pdf (56.10 KB)

pdf format Yarra C198 004hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (53.85 KB)


Planning Panel – Report Received 

A Panel Hearing was held on 28 April 2016 to consider submissions made about Amendment C198.

Council’s submission and expert statement are included below:
 Yarra C198 N Schmeder expert statement 180416 (1.57 MB)   

 Amendment C198 - Council Panel Submission - 28 April 2016 (452.62 KB)

The Panel Report has now been received by Council. The report includes recommendations that will be considered by Council at a future meeting likely to be in July 2016.

pdf format Yarra C198 Panel Report (411.20 KB)


Exhibited documents

Collingwood Abbotsford Stage 2 report FINAL 090715 (8.79 MB)

City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas 2007, Appendix 8.pdf (19.79 MB)

Yarra C198 001hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (53.37 KB)

Yarra C198 002hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (65.99 KB)

Yarra C198 003hoMap02 Exhibition.pdf (56.39 KB)

Yarra C198 004hoMap06 Exhibition.pdf (53.85 KB)


Further information

Elizabeth Brant
Strategic Planner
9205 5332

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