Amendment C173

Amendment C173 aims to protect additional heritage places in Yarra. Council adopted the amendment on 19 September 2016 and has submitted it to the Minister for Planning for approval. 


Amendment C173 to the Yarra Planning Scheme aims to protect the historic character of North Richmond and parts of Cremorne.

The Panel report below relates to Part 2 of Amendment C173 to the Yarra Planning Scheme.  The Council had earlier split Amendment C173, and Part 1, relating to Smith Street, Collingwood, has now been approved.

Amendment C173 Part 2 proposes the application of the Heritage Overlay over eight new heritage precincts, three serial listings and over 50 individual places. Alterations to some other precincts and individual places already in the Heritage Overlay are also proposed. There are some other consequential and minor changes to the Planning Scheme as a result of the amendment.

Panel report

In late April and early May in 2015, a Planning Panel convened to hear submissions regarding Amendment C173 Part 2 at Planning Panels Victoria. The Panel reconvened in November 2015 to hear further submissions.

Council has now received the report of the Planning Panel and in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act, is making the report of the Panel available for public viewing.

At its meeting on 19 September 2016 Council adopted the amendment with some changes.  The amendment has been sent to the Minister for Planning for final approval.  

The panel report is available here: pdf format Yarra C173 Part 2 Panel Report (588.17 KB)

The Heritage Overlay

How does heritage overlay affect what I can do to my property?

Two thirds of Yarra is covered by a heritage overlay. A heritage overlay is applied to any place that has been formally recognised on the heritage register or in local heritage studies.

Each overlay area has a statement of significance that describes the place and lists the important elements, such as building style, landscaping or streetscape. What is listed in the statement of significance affects what you can do to your property.

Under the heritage overlay, a planning permit is required for:

  • Subdivision or consolidation of land
  • Demolition or removal of part or all of a building
  • Construction of a building or fence
  • Altering the outside of a building
  • Carrying out works to the property
  • Constructing or displaying a sign
  • Externally paint an unpainted surface, and if painting any external surface constitutes and advertisement.

In some cases, external paint controls, internal alteration controls and control over trees may also apply. The need for a planning permit for works under the Heritage Overlay is part of the state section of the planning scheme. 

pdf format Overlays Fact Sheet (582.06 KB)

Where a planning permit is required under the Heritage Overlay, applications are assessed against Council’s local heritage policy at clause 22.02 of the Yarra Planning Scheme.

Amendment C173 documentation

Interim heritage controls

In order to protect buildings that have been identified as having heritage significance from demolition, Council has adopted an interim heritage control protocol. The protocol provides guidance to staff on when it is appropriate to seek interim heritage controls. More information is available on the Interim Heritage Control Protocol webpage.


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