Amendment C149

Amendment C149 to the Yarra Planning Scheme was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 27 August 2015. 

The amendment protects more places of heritage significance in Yarra. Council sought community feedback on the amendment in June and July 2012.

Adopted heritage citations

Citations have been prepared by a heritage consultant. The citations outline what is significant about each property and contains other historical information. The citations form part of the amendment documentation and will be listed as a reference document in Council’s local heritage policy at clause 22.02 (Development Guidelines for Sites Subject to the Heritage Overlay) of the Yarra Planning Scheme.

 pdf format Reference document - sites and citations (811.91 KB)

Heritage Overlay schedule

The Heritage Overlay document lists existing heritage places and the places that are affected by the Heritage Overlay under Amendment C149. The new heritage places are highlighted in yellow (pages 45-50).

doc format Heritage Overlay schedule.doc (576.50 KB)

Panel hearing

At its meeting on Tuesday 18 September 2012, Council considered the submissions it received about Amendment C149. Council requested that an independent planning panel be appointed to consider the amendment and the submissions.  

At its meeting on 19 February 2013, Council endorsed further changes to the recommendations in the amendment. These changes were incorporated into Council’s submission to the planning panel.

The panel hearing for Amendment C149 was held over five days, beginning 12 March 2013. The panel's report is available below (please note, a summary of the report's recommendations is located on page 49):

pdf format Amendment C149 Panel Report (1.07 MB)

The amendment was adopted by Council at its meeting on 23 July 2013. The amendment has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

About Amendment C149

 Amendment C149 introduces:

  • Three new heritage precincts at Alphington East, Cole’s Paddock Estate, Richmond and Wellington Street, Cremorne. Each property within these precincts has been graded individually significant, contributory or not-contributory (an explanation of these heritage grading can be found on the Understanding Heritage Gradings web page)
  • The application of a Heritage Overlay over a number of individual places with an individually significant grading
  • Revisions to seven existing heritage precincts (HO308, HO310, HO315, HO322, HO325, HO328, HO338)

The Amendment is required to implement some of the recommendations from a Heritage Gap Study which was commissioned by Council in 2009. 


Interim heritage controls

In order to protect buildings that have been identified as having heritage significance from demolition, Council has adopted an interim heritage control protocol. The protocol provides guidance to staff on when it is appropriate to seek interim heritage controls. More information is available on the Interim Heritage Control Protocol webpage.

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