Amendment C131

Emma Street, Collingwood

At its December 2010 Council meeting, Council adopted Amendment C131 to the Yarra Planning Scheme. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted in March 2011.

The land affected by the Amendment is the western side of Emma Street, Collingwood, generally between Alexandra Parade in the north and Keele Street in the south.

The Amendment rezones the land from a Business 3 Zone to a Business 2 Zone and applies a Design and Development Overlay (DDO13) and an Environmental Audit Overlay. The rezoning enables greater flexibility in the use of the land to include office, retail and residential uses, while allowing for the continued use of industry and warehouse.

Documents to support the Amendment can be found here:

 pdf format C131 Public Notice.pdf (23.31kB)
 pdf format C131 Explanatory Report.pdf (178.60kB)
 pdf format C131 List of Amendments.pdf (23.47kB)
 pdf format C131 List of changes.pdf (18.54kB)
 pdf format C131 Instruction sheet.pdf (10.50kB)
 pdf format C131 DDO13 (29.35kB)
 pdf format C131 Business 2 Zone Map.pdf (46.75kB)
 pdf format C131 DDO13 Map.pdf (46.84kB)
 pdf format C131 EAO Map.pdf (46.81kB)

Council sought feedback from the community on the proposed Amendment from mid-September to mid-October 2010. Council adopted the Amendment at its December 2010 meeting. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted in March 2011.  

Further information
Elizabeth Brant
Strategic Planner
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