Amendment C112

Amendment C112 – Kangan Batman TAFE Site, 70 Gwynne Street, Cremorne

At its February 2011 meeting, Council adopted Amendment C112 to the Yarra Planning Scheme. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 14 April 2011. 

The Amendment would rezone the Kangan Batman TAFE site at 70 Gwynne Street, Cremorne from a Public Use Zone 2 (Education) to a Business 3 Zone, to be consistent with the zoning of the surrounding area. 

The State Department of Industry, Innovation and Regional Development, which owns the site, has declared the Gwynne Street campus of Kangan Batman TAFE is no longer required and will be closed in the near future.

Rezoning to a Business 3 Zone would enable the site to be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Documents to support the Amendment can be found here in pdf format:

 pdf format Public Notice.pdf (124.79kB)
 pdf format Explanatory Report.pdf (32.82kB)
 pdf format Zoning Map.pdf (43.37kB)
 pdf format List of Changes.pdf (9.00kB)
 pdf format Instruction Sheet.pdf (11.41kB)
 pdf format List of Amendments.pdf (11.52kB)

Council sought public feedback on the proposed Amendment in June–July 2010. Council received two submissions, one which supported the Amendment, and one which suggested that part of the site be used as public open space, and that any future developments on the site be complimentary to existing buildings.

Council requested a panel hearing on the submissions. The panel hearing was conducted in December 2010 and the submitters did not request to be heard. The panel recommended that Council adopt the Amendment without changes.

The report can be viewed here:

 pdf format Amendment C112 Panel Report (631.35kB)

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