Amendment C102

Proposed Rezoning – Gipps Precinct, Collingwood

Council adopted Amendment C102 at its April 2011 meeting. The Amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning and gazetted on 30 June 2011.

In February 2008, Council adopted a Local Area Plan for the Gipps Precinct in Collingwood. The plan aims to encourage significant business and industrial redevelopment in the precinct and expand local employment opportunities.

The plan rezoned the precinct from Industrial 1 zone to Business 3 zone to facilitate a shift towards office and commercial uses. Rezoning to Business 3 enables new office, manufacturing and light industrial developments, while allowing existing businesses to continue operating or expand.

Following the adoption of the plan, Council officers prepared Amendment C102 to the Yarra Planning Scheme, which implements the recommendations made in the plan.

The Amendment:

  • rezoned land within the Gipps Precinct from Industrial 1 to Business 3
  • applied a new Design and Development Overlay to the affected area.

The Gipps Precinct Local Area Plan can be found here in pdf format:

pdf format Gipps Precinct Local Area Plan (2.06MB)

Documents to support the Amendment can be found here in pdf format:

pdf format Public Notice.pdf (120.65kB)
pdf format Explanatory Report.pdf (1.29MB)
pdf format Design and Development Overlay Schedule .pdf (27.61kB)
pdf format Design and Development Overlay Map.pdf (371.75kB)
pdf format Zone Map B3Z .pdf (94.57kB) 


Council sought community feedback on the Amendment in mid-August 2010. Council received 14 submissions, some supporting the Amendment and some which raised concerns about traffic and parking issues, and the effect the rezoning would have on existing residential properties.

At its October 2010 Council meeting, Council decided to request that the Minister for Planning appoint an independent planning panel to assess the submissions.

A planning panel considered submissions to the Amendment on 9 and 10 February 2011. The panel's report can be viewed here:

pdf format Amendment C102 Panel Report (323.50kB)

Below is a submission that was presented to the planning panel by Urbis Town Planning Consultants, on behalf of land owners in the Gipps Precinct area.

pdf format Amendment C102 Panel Submission - Urbis (2.22MB)

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Strategic Planner
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