Cremorne and Church Street Precinct

At its meeting in September 2007, Council adopted an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Cremorne & Church Street Precinct.

The UDF can be viewed here:

 pdf format Cremorne and Church Street UDF (15.75MB)

The UDF aims to support redevelopment that contributes to Cremorne as a mixed-use area, while supporting strategic aims to develop employment opportunities in the area.  It will assist in identifying physical improvements to public transport, roads, footpaths and parks.

Council prepared Amendment C97 to the Yarra Planning Scheme which proposed to rezone the area from Business 3 Zone to Business 2 Zone, which would provide for some residential development in the precinct. This Amendment was abandoned by Council at its February 2010 meeting, because of the potential detrimental impact such a rezoning could have on the area as a key employment precinct in Yarra.

However, Council proposes to prepare Amendment C127 to the Yarra Planning Scheme, which would implement aims of the UDF, including:

  • rezoning of the properties fronting the east side of Punt Road between Swan and Blanche Streets, currently zoned Residential 1, to Mixed Use Zone
  • changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement
  • a new Local Policy for the Cremorne and Church Street Precinct
  • a new Design and Development Overlay to apply to the Cremorne and Church Street Precinct.
Next Steps

Council is currently preparing a proposed Swan Street Structure Plan, which includes the study area generally bounded by Punt Road in the west, Rowena Parade, The Vaucluse, Boyd Street and Manton Street in the north, Loyola Grove and Park Grove in the east and the Yarra River in the south. The Cremorne and Church Street Precinct is encompassed in this area. Council will await the outcome of this structure plan before proceeding with Amendment C127. For more information about the proposed Swan Street Structure Plan, click here.


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