Collingwood Town Hall Precinct

At its August 2010 Council meeting, Council adopted an Urban Design Framework for the Collingwood Town Hall precinct.

The UDF aims to provide guidance for the future development of the precinct generally bounded by Hoddle, Vere, Park, and Gipps streets. The framework deals with the design of buildings, public spaces, pedestrian and vehicle access, and landscape themes.

The framework also includes environmental, social, economic or cultural objectives.

A draft Urban Design Framework was put out for community feedback in April/May 2010. Council received 11 submissions from community members. In response to the submissions, changes were made to the UDF prior to its adoption by Council.  The changes can be summarised as: clarification of the role of the precinct as a community hub as well as a civic and employment hub, strengthening of the references to sustainable forms of transport, sustainable design and sustainability more generally, and additional references to surveillance and safety in association with the redevelopment of the Stanton Street car park and any new public open space.

Here is the pdf format Adopted Collingwood Town Hall UDF (4.40MB), with the changes made after consultation highlighted in yellow.


Council undertook initial consultation on a draft Collingwood Town Hall Precinct UDF in 2009, but revised the framework in 2010 to provide for the possible future expansion of Council’s offices in the precinct.

Council has decided not to proceed with office consolidation for the municipality in the short term, but has decided that if it were to occur in the longer term, it should be within the Collingwood Town Hall Precinct.

The UDF provides options for how the office consolidation could happen in the future, including the possibility of expanding offices onto St Philip’s Reserve, which adjoins the Town Hall.

If Council proceeded with this option, the UDF provides for the creation of a larger park at the rear of St Philip’s Church, where it would be buffered from the noise of Hoddle Street.

Here is a pdf format  Fact Sheet.pdf (264.29kB) which was distributed as part of the community consultation on the draft UDF in April 2010.


Council held a public meeting in April 2010 to discuss the revised draft UDF in more detail with interested local residents. In early July 2010, Council held a follow-up meeting with people who had made submissions.

Further Information
John Curtis
Senior Urban Designer
9205 5114


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