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PlanningIf you are considering any kind of building, changing use of a building or erecting an advertising sign within the City of Yarra it is highly recommended that you talk to one of the Council's Planning Officers who will advise you on the procedure you are likely to have to go through to obtain a planning permit.

All municipalities in Victoria have a planning scheme which is based on the Victoria Planning Provisions and contains both State and Local policies.

All applications for planning permits area assessed against the relevant planning scheme.

The Planning Scheme applies zones to all land in the municipality and may also apply overlays to some land.

Zones are selected from a suite of zones provided in the Victoria Planning Provisions which allocate land for different uses, such as residential, industrial or business.

In some circumstances, land is used for a purpose that is prohibited under the current zoning. This often occurs because it was operating legally previously, but then the zoning was changed. In this situation, the land has ‘existing use rights’ and can continue to operate.

Overlays are also selected from the Victoria Planning Provisions and relate to specific issues such as heritage significance, environmental significance or flood risk.

To find out what planning controls apply to your site you can view the Yarra Planning Scheme.

The Yarra Planning Scheme consists of maps, which show you how a particular piece of land is zoned, whether it is affected by an overlay and indicated whether there are written policies outlining requirements for the use, development and protection of land in the municipality.

Council’s Strategic Planning department is responsible for updating the Planning Scheme.

For more information on common overlays in Yarra and what they are used for, please refer to the Overlays fact sheet.

pdf format Overlays (582.06 KB)

In areas subject to the Heritage Overlay, a planning permit is required to install a rainwater tank, solar hot water system or photovoltaic cell system if it is visible from the street or a public park. 

In many instances, it will be possible to install these items whilst achieving concealment from the public domain. 

Click here for more information about energy efficiency and sustainability measured for Heritage Buildings.

For more information on existing use rights, please refer to the Existing Use Rights fact sheet.
pdf format Existing Use Rights (424.57 KB)

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