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Follow the links in green below to visit the websites of other organisations that can assist with queries about your heritage building. 

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
This website provides access to land, resource and property information and services. A large variety of services are available online including viewing and purchasing certificates of title, planning certificates, property certificates, aerial photography, maps and many other useful tools to be used when buying, developing or investigating property. The department also provides advice on planning policy and urban design, strategic planning and information on land development and forecasting.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
VCAT is an independent body responsible for dealing with disputes about planning matters.

Planning Institute of Australia 
This is the website of Australia’s planning professional organisation, which seeks the general advancement of regional and town planning.

Heritage Victoria 
Heritage Victoria is located within the Department of Sustainability and Environment. This website provides information and advice about places listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and Archaeological Inventory. It recommends additions to the Register and issues permits for alterations to heritage places.

National Trust (Victoria) 
Since 1956 the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has been actively working towards conserving and protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy. The National Trust is not part of government. It is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by a large community base. It is the premier heritage and conservation organisation in the state, and the major operator of house museums and historic properties open to the public.

Burra Charter
The Burra Charter provides guidance for the conservation and management of places of cultural significance (cultural heritage places), and is based on the knowledge and experience of Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) members.

Carlton Community History Group
The Carlton Community History Group is a local group who explores questions about the history of Carlton North. The group is exploring and documenting the history of this area.

Collingwood Historical Society
The Collingwood Historical Society is a local group which promotes conservation of Collingwood's heritage places. Collects historical material relating Collingwood, Clifton Hill and Abbotsford.  Records history in the form of photos, oral history audio cassettes, and publications.  Promotes public awareness of local history.  Organises events such as seminars, displays and history walks and carries out research.

The Fitzroy History Society
The Fitzroy History Society comprises a group of people interested in Fitzroy's history. Throughout the year it holds monthly committee meetings and organises activities such as local walks, films, lectures, visits, tours and social events. It does not acquire or collect historical material or own its own premises. The Society has close links with City of Yarra Councillors and is active in matters regarding the built environment and in the preservation and protection of the historical aspects of Fitzroy. It has also been responsible for several publications.

Richmond and Burnley Historical Society
The Society comprises a group of people interested in the history of the Richmond and Burnley areas. They maintain their own local studies collection organised and run by volunteers. New members and/or information are welcome. Currently the collection is open Sunday afternoons.

Prahran Mechanics' Institute
The Prahran Mechanic’s Institute is a community owned and run library specialising in the history of Victoria, Australia, which has over 20,000 books for loan and offer a professional information service to members.

Picture Australia
Search more than 1.3 million images from across Australia.

MMBW Sewerage Plans 1890-1950
The MMBW sewerage plans provide a historical record of Melbourne streets and environmental features.  

Historic Homes Handbook
The Public Record Office Victoria has published a Historic Homes Handbook designed to assist with property research.

Building Identification Forms

Many properties in North Carlton, Princes Hill, Richmond, Cremorne and Burnley were surveyed in 1984.  As part of this survey a building identification form was produced which recorded details of these properties including a photograph, the estimated date of construction, and notes on the condition of the property.

Council has converted the Richmond, North Carlton and Princes Hill Building Identification Forms produced in 1984 into electronic documents. 

If you would like a hard copy of a form which relates to your property please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9205 5049, alternatively you can view the Building Identification Forms at the Richmond and Carlton branches of Yarra Libraries. 

Researching the History of Your Property

 pdf format What Era is My House From (2.31MB)

Click here for more tips on how you can research the history of your house.  


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