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Got a question about the Quest? You'll probably find the answer below.


If you can't, you can email your questions to us at:

We'll add your questions and our answers to the list on this page to help other Questers.


How old must I be to take part in the Quest?

You must be between 5-12 on the first day of the Quest, Thursday December 1, 2016.


Can I count books I've read before as part of my Quest entry?

No, you must read the books between the opening and closing of the Challenge for them to count in your entry.



I'm doing Challenge 3 and I can't find all of the posters.

Keep searching around the library! They're in there somewhere!


How can I get my Challenge stickers for my Quest Map?

As you finish each Challenge, you should bring your Quest Map into the library and show it to a librarian. They will give you your Challenge sticker for each Challenge you complete. If you aren't going to be at the library for a while, you can jump ahead to the next Challenge and claim two stickers next time you come in.


I will be away on holidays over summer. How can I take part in the Quest?

You can take your Quest Map (and a good supply of books!) with you on your holiday. You can do a lot of the Quest without coming into the library, and then complete the library based parts when you get back.



Do the books I read for the Quest have to come from the library?

No, they can come from anywhere.



What if I don't have a computer?

You can use the computers at the library to help complete your Challenges.


I'm up to Challenge 4, and I can't find the planet in the picture. Are you sure he's in there?

Oh yes, he's there alright. Keep looking!


I've finished the Quest Map and I want more chances to win the prizes. What can I do?

You can complete Extra Reading Sheets, available at the library or you can download one here.
Simply read five books and record them on the sheet. Don’t forget to have your parent or guardian fill out and sign the back of the Extra Reading Sheet, then drop it in at any Yarra Libraries branch. Each Extra Reading Sheet you fill will get you another entry in the Major Prize Draw!

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