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Here's our round up of best new CDs added to the Yarra Libraries collection for the month of August. We add a new CDs page at the start of every month. Simply click on the covers to place a hold on the CD of your choice.



Night Bus

A spin of the band's second album Night Bus lets the listener know right away that the Australian combo's roots lie deep in the world of shoegaze and dream pop.  With a timeless sound, and a lack of weak moments, Night Bus is a step forward from a band that seems destined for further greatness. 


band of light

Total Union
Band of Light

. Band Of Light was originally put together by Kiwi, Phil Key, formerly a member of The La De Das in late ’72.  Blues and boogie at its brilliant best.  This album is clearly of its time but after 30 odd years there is still some freshness about it.


berardi foran karlen

Berardi Foran Karlen

A true collaborative trio Berardi/Foran/Karlen features the talents of three distinctive Australian artists.  Kristin Berardi, Sean Foran and Rafael Karlen are all strongly creative musicians, known for their clear personal aesthetic and artistic voice.  Intensely intimate, textural and emotional, the music of Berardi/Foran/Karlen draws you close, at times a whisper.



Double Natural

With countrified tinges throughout the album’s largely jangly groove, Double Natural grows from small beginnings into an album that moves on a whim and becomes beautiful by doing so with wonderfully direct lyrics and a consistent rhythm section.


darren sylvester

Off By Heart
Darren Sylvester

Off By Heart immediately smothers the listener with a handful of dramatic, attention-grabbing pop songs before pulling back slightly in its second half. Sylvester produces here a radiant work, that’s dedicated to and fascinated with the sounds of the 1980s.


 django django

Born Under Saturn
Django Django

Born Under Saturn proves Django Django are still making music as well-suited to dance clubs as to solitary psychedelic journeying. It’s extroverted music for introverts and it’s introverted music for extroverts.



East brunswick all girls choir

Seven Drummers
East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Alt-rock never had such a sweet melancholy twang, with Melbournians East Brunswick All Girls Choir nailing their debut LP. The mix of a distorted country blues with garage rock sensibilities is both daring and darling of the independent local act. Listeners should expect dirty vocals, lengthy playtime and raw emotion spilling from each track



inherent vice

Inherent Vice

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, no stranger to film scores, does the work here this time for the Paul Thomas Anderson movie based on the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name.  The strings are warm and inviting also juxtaposing aggressive beat with staccato guitar arpeggios.


jamie xx 

In Colour
Jamie XX

Stepping out on his own Jamie XX uses his considerable gifts for atmosphere to make listeners remember the euphoria of dance music, moving from reflective to engaging and back again.


joel silbersher 

Greasy Lens
Joel Silbersher

Melbourne indie rock identity Joel Silbersher’s album Greasy Lens forms collages from disparate sound recordings that are often left lying around his flat.  Good thing he releases them.  From God to Hoss and his work with Charlie Owen, JS is an original.


midnight juggernauts 

Uncanny Valley
Midnight Juggernauts

The third album from the electro-pop, rock band sees the Australian trio successfully meld sci-fi grandeur, giallo film score aesthetics and pop and dance floor euphoria.


neil michael hagerty and the howling hex

Neil Michael Hagerty
and the Howling Hex

The former Royal Trux man here veers all over the stylistic map, sprawling out to the length of a double-LP.  Full of great songs and guitar wizardry NMH always provides surprises and originality.


 pvt homosapien


Recorded in isolation in a remote corner of Australia, PVT land somewhere between 1979 and 1982 with this their third album of strange twisted synthpop.


relatively clean rivers

Relatively Clean Rivers

A hidden country psych gem for a very long time and now reissued. A quiet, flowing rural record with snatches of apocalyptic imagery and strong electric guitar leads makes this album worth investigating.


sea of joy 

Sea Of Joy

Reissued by Melbourne label Chapter Music, Tully were a powerful Sydney band that provided the soundtrack to the Paul Witzig surf movie of the same name. 


skull snaps

Skull Snaps

Released in 1973 on the small GSF label, Skull Snaps is most notable for wonderful drumbeats that have been sampled numerous times on various hip hop records.  A masterful blend of hard funk and soul captured from the American east coast scene at the time. 



Sleep in the Water

The first full-length album from the young five-piece from Melbourne speaks volumes about their potential.  A polished, kaleidoscopic, velvety sound invites you to take a load off and relax.


steve maxwell von braund 

Monster Planet
Steve Maxwell von Braund

Welcome to Monster Planet.  A 1975 classic of Australian proto-electronica from arguably the first fully electronic Australian album.


straight arrows 

It’s Happening
 Straight Arrows

From 2010 this album crams 11 songs in 24 minutes, giving the listener fast ideas with simple no fuss fuzz pop that shakes and rattles.


the church 

The Church

A quintessentially Church-sounding album though without its former guitar player Marty Wilson Piper. That position has been taken by former Powderfinger man Ian Haug.


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