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Yarra continues to pursue weeding alternatives

16 February 2016

Council has received enquiries about its weeding program and provides the following advice to the community.

All weed-treatments used by Council and its contractors are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and are applied in accordance with the product label guidelines.

Where glyphosate (Round-Up) is required, most of Yarra’s invasive plants respond to the minimum concentration.

Council is also pursuing alternatives to reduce its reliance on chemicals.

For example, Council employs weed-steaming in high-pedestrian-traffic areas such as certain school and shopping precincts. Yarra was among the first councils in Australia to trial this approach back in 2013 and this is now an ongoing and successful part of the local weeding program. A short video about the program (produced following the initial trial) is available online.

Council also operates a ‘no spray list’, which allows residents to nominate areas adjacent to their properties to be excluded from the spraying program. These residents agree to take responsibility for regularly checking around their property (including nearby footpath, kerb and gutter) for weeds and removing any that grow.  This undertaking ensures that local streets and other areas are kept clean and attractive.

Council will continue to investigate alternatives to chemical weeding and monitor the advice of the federal authorities.

For further information, contact Council on 9205 5555.

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