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Tram improvement work in Richmond

16 March 2017

Tram improvement work in Richmond

Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria will complete track renewal and improvement works at the intersection of Victoria Street and Church Street, Richmond from Saturday 8 April until Tuesday 11 April.

The 40 year old tram tracks will be replaced to ensure a safe and reliable tram network for future generations. The new tracks will reduce the amount of future maintenance needed at this location and minimise the risk of disruptions due to track faults.

Preliminary work to unload and pre-weld the new rails will begin on Wednesday 5 April 2017, while the major work will occur at the intersection from Saturday 8 April and will continue 24 hours a day until 5am Tuesday 11 April 2017.

There will be some noise and dust from machinery, vehicles and work crews. The noisiest work will occur between 6am and 10pm but Yarra Trams will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum.

Parts of Victoria Street and Church Street will be closed for the duration of the work and tram passengers on routes 12, 78 and 109 will be affected. The work zone will be fenced off for safety, however footpaths will remain open to allow pedestrian access to all businesses which will remain open during the work.

Yarra Trams invests about $65 million annually carrying out a range of maintenance
and renewal works aimed at improving operations and passenger experience. Tram track renewal work delivers an improved ride, comfort and safety for passengers, quieter infrastructure and reduces the risk of derailments.

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Taxi and tram on Victoria Street, Richmond
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