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Important changes at Council’s Roseneath Recycling Centre in Clifton Hill

28 March 2017

Council has implemented changes at the Roseneath Recycling Drop-off Centre in Clifton Hill to address an issue of excessive rubbish being dumped at the site.

The drop-off area for cardboard recycling has been moved to the front of the Roseneath Street centre. Drop-off times have changed from 24 hours a day, to being only permitted when the centre is open: 7 days a week, from 9am–6pm.

The changes were necessary as people, many from outside of Yarra, were dumping excessive amounts of all types of rubbish at the cardboard drop-off point outside of the centre’s operating hours. This was causing litter problems in the surrounding area and in the nearby river.

Council is also concerned at the commercial volumes of building-grade polystyrene being illegally dumped at the centre after dark. We are appealing to builders to stop this practice.

The centre will continue to accept household quantities of polystyrene from Yarra residents. This can be left at the cardboard drop-off point.

Council reminds Yarra residents that the Roseneath Centre is only for recyclables; rubbish should not be left at the centre.




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