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Resident parking in Yarra

22 July 2016

On-street parking is very limited in the City of Yarra, with residents who park on the street sometimes finding it difficult to get a park near their home.

Many of our residents are entitled to on-street parking permits – there are a few exceptions and the number of permits allowed can vary.  See the link below for further information.

Resident parking permits are area-based, not street-based, due to there often being more permits issued in a street than available parking spaces.

Council occasionally receives calls from residents claiming that others are parking ‘in their spots’ in their street. 

Residents, including those with a parking permit, cannot reserve on-street parking.  Residential roads are public roads and residents are not entitled to ask other people parked in front of their property to move. People can park in front of a house that is not their own, as long as they park legally, ie, not across a driveway, on the nature strip, in a disabled or loading zone (unless they are eligible to) or for longer than they are entitled to stay.

Visitor permits are issued to residents only for short-stay visitors, and only one permit per valid household will be provided.  Visitor permits are valid only for use in the street specified on the permit and within two surrounding streets.

Please be aware that it is an offence to sell, give away, forge or rent a parking permit. It is also an offence for a person to buy a parking permit or to accept one if they are not an eligible permit holder or a genuine visitor.

Council is working hard to encourage more people to reduce their reliance on cars by using alternative transport options. Find out more about Council's sustainable transport policies.

More information on resident and other parking is available on Council’s website.

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