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Council to carefully manage growth and change in Johnston Street precinct

2 December 2015

Council has adopted the revised Johnston Street Local Area Plan, following a comprehensive public engagement process, including consideration of 35 written and 11 verbal submissions.

In reaching its decision last night, Council considered feedback on a range of issues, including zoning, community amenity, economic development, land values, traffic management, and much more.

Yarra Mayor, Roberto Colanzi said, “The revised plan will enable us to carefully manage growth and change in this busy neighbourhood, while giving due consideration to potential heritage sites, and preserving a strong business and employment focus along Johnston Street.”

“It also provides the strategic support for future changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme that respond to increasing development pressures in the area.”

The next step in the process will take place in early 2016, when Council will begin the process to introduce a Design and Development Overlay (proposing mandatory height limits) for the land along Johnston Street (west of Smith Street to the Yarra River) and a Local Planning Policy for the Johnston Street Activity Centre.

The full resolution from last night’s Ordinary Council Meeting is provided below. Following the decision, Councillors thanked the community for their valuable input into the process.

More details about the Johnston Street Local Area Plan are available on Council’s webpage.

Resolution of Tuesday 1 December 2015

1.       That Council note:

(a)     the officer response regarding the proposed Johnston Street Local Area Plan;
(b)     the further consultation that has occurred, the additional submissions and officer analysis that has been undertaken; and
(c)     the further changes that have been made to the draft Johnston Street Local Area Plan.

2.       That Council also note the value of the local community places on the heritage, diversity, fine grained character and human scale of Johnston Street and the desire to see that character retained.

3.       That Council note that Johnston Street is a local activity centre and records its intent to maintain an economic and employment focus with a range of business uses contained in at least on the ground floor to rezone to C1.

4.       That Council, having considered the additional material and analysis provided, resolve to adopt the Johnston Street Local Area Plan

5.       That officers engage heritage consultants to undertake a heritage study of properties on Johnston Street, north and south side, between Hoddle Street and the rail line.

6.       That officers present a further report to Council in early 2016 to implement the Johnston   Street Local Area Plan 2015, with a focus on the application of a Design and Development Overlay (which would include mandatory height limits in Johnston St, all precincts) to land along Johnston Street west of Smith Street to the Yarra River, and a local planning policy for the Johnston Street Activity Centre.



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