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Yarra’s Leisure Centres resolve to further encourage healthier food and drink choices

20 July 2016

Council has resolved to introduce a ‘Traffic Light’ healthy food classification system and to increase the availability and promotion of healthier food and drink choices at its leisure facilities, while reducing the availability and promotion of less healthy choices. 

Yarra’s Leisure Centres have already made great progress towards the availability and promotion of healthier food and drinks. This, in part, has been due to the removal of all confectionary from counter sales along with the consolidation of soft drink fridges. 

Yarra Leisure will now implement a promotional campaign showcasing the ‘Traffic Light’ classification system which highlights the healthy choice messaging.

Both a nutritionist and the broader community will be consulted to establish the new classification system. Food and drink types will classified as Green (best choice), Amber (choose carefully) and Red (limit these choices). Products classified as Green Choices will make up 50% of the consumables on offer.

As part of the healthier proposal, clean and safe tap water will be made available free of charge throughout each Centre – aiming to improve on the 4% decrease in soft drink sales from the previous full financial year.

The full resolution is below.  To see a copy of the Council report, go to page 30 on the following link: Council Agenda (19 July) 


Moved: Councillor Barbour                            Seconded: Councillor Stone

  1. That Council:

(a)       receive and note this report;

(b)       endorse the implementation and promotion of a ‘traffic light’ advisory system across the food and beverage product range at all Yarra Leisure Centres;

(c)       endorse the Victorian Government’s “Healthy Choices” Policy for Sport & Recreation Centres to be the guiding reference for Yarra leisure’s food and beverage advisory system;

(d)       approves the replacement of sponsored drinks fridges and outright purchase of replacement fridges, that have the lowest possible energy consumption; and

(e)       notes that Officers will conduct a tender process to establish a select panel of food and beverage suppliers.


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