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Important Community Information-Former Amcor Site Alphington

21 April 2015

Yarra City Council seeks to reassure its community the remediation of the former Amcor site, including the removal of asbestos, is being managed by the developers Alpha Partners and Glenvill, in strict accordance with the requirements of the State Government’s independent agencies WorkSafe and Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements.

As is the case with most former industrial sites, there is usually some level of contamination that requires remediation.

For this reason, Council – in its capacity as responsible planning authority - put in place an Environmental Audit Overlay to require the developer to undertake remediation on the site in a safe and secure way that is independently monitored.

Site environmental assessments had identified asbestos in several buildings on the site and this material has been removed progressively by the developer during the recent demolition works in accordance with WorkSafe requirements. In October 2014, small sections of asbestos were discovered in a concrete chimney.

The presence of asbestos was identified during (non-explosive) demolition of the chimney. External inspections and core sampling had not previously detected asbestos in the structure.

Importantly the asbestos was not disturbed and therefore posed no risk to the community or to workers.

Once the asbestos was found, work on the chimney stopped immediately. The developer's asbestos hygienist, structural engineers and Worksafe have been involved in providing advice on how the demolition works could resume safely.

A new demolition process has now been trialled and approved, which involves saturating affected sections of the chimney while works are underway.

Demolition of the chimney has resumed this week, under the supervision of Worksafe and an asbestos hygienist.

Community safety is paramount and to date Council officers are satisfied that hazardous materials (including asbestos) on the site are being managed appropriately. Council undertakes to keep the community up to date with information on our website.

Members of the community concerned about asbestos on the site are encouraged to contact Council on 9205 5555 or Worksafe on 1800 136 089. For more information about the Amcor site and development please visit

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