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Heritage decision on 1954 Boiler House ‘called-in’ by Minister for Planning

23 March 2017

The Minister for Planning has accepted Yarra Council’s request to ‘call-in’ a decision on whether the 1954 Boiler House on the former paper mill site in Alphington should be added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

The site, located on the corner of Heidelberg Road and the Chandler Highway, is set to be redeveloped into a major residential precinct with shops, offices, open spaces and community facilities.

An overall development plan for the site was approved by Council in December 2015 after extensive consultation with the local community.   

In November 2016, the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria recommended that Power Station B, better known as the ‘1954 Boiler House’ be included on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Boiler House is located in the western side of the site and features a glass ‘curtain wall’ façade. The building also contains asbestos and is not accessible in its current state.

Overall, Council considers that retaining the building would conflict with the agreed vision of the site, which was developed over many years in consultation with the local community.

Council supports the removal of the Boiler House so the site can be redeveloped in line with the approved development plan and the approved building heights across the site.

Council requested the Minister for Planning to determine the future of the Boiler House because we believe the redevelopment of the former paper mill site it is a matter of metropolitan and regional significance. In Council’s view, the integrated vision for site that was approved in December 2015 should apply.

 The Minister for Planning has requested that the Heritage Council provide him with a report on the recommendation and submissions received in order to make a decision. 

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