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Council joins Alliance for Gambling Reform

16 March 2016

Council has voted to join the Alliance for Gambling Reform, an organisation committed to tackling the harmful impacts of gambling.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform is lobbying for meaningful changes to the gaming industry and its first campaign calls for the lowering of maximum bets on poker machines in Victoria to $1 per bet, along with policies to alleviate the harm caused by poker machines.

The Alliance consists of more than 40 organisations, including local governments, charities and other community-focused agencies.

The work of the Alliance is very much in keeping with Council’s community wellbeing approach to gambling.

Council hosted a stakeholder consultation at the Fitzroy Town Hall in February. There it was recognised that that gaming machines tend to be concentrated in areas of high disadvantage and that it will take a concerted effort to address the potentially devastating impacts of gambling.

For further information about Council’s involvement in the Alliance for Gambling Reform, contact Belinda Robson, Senior Policy Advisor, on 9205 5093 or at

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