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Fire season preparation and quick tips

1 December 2015

Council has teamed with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Parks Victoria to minimise the risk of fire in Yarra’s parks and streets this fire season.

Victoria is one of the most fire prone regions in the world. Even in urban areas like the City of Yarra, people and properties can be at risk from grass and scrub fires.

“Weather forecasts suggest that we are looking at a very long and hot fire season,” Yarra Mayor Cr Roberto Colanzi said, “and we all have a role to play in preparing our families and properties.

“Council is working to identify problem areas in our parks and streets, and acting early to reduce the risk of fire to our community.”

Earlier today, officers from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Parks Victoria and Yarra City Council began inspections of property and public land across Yarra to identify any problem areas. Parkland along the Yarra River is one example of a potential hotspot.

Fire season quick tips

Council has issued a series of quick tips to help residents alleviate the danger to their lives and property.

Prepare your property:

  • Clear grass and weeds three metres around your house.
  • Clean your gutters and downpipes.
  • Store flammables (gas bottles, firewood, rubbish) away from your house.
  • Check your insurance is up-to-date.
  • Display your street address number clearly so that fire fighters can locate your home easily.

Prepare your family:

  • Decide (and practise) how you will respond to a nearby fire (e.g. where will you go?)
  • Know your neighbours and their contacts, and support each other during and after emergency events.
  • Monitor fire warnings for the Central District (which includes Yarra) on the Bureau of Meteorology website.
  • Ensure your smoke alarm is working. Deaf residents can receive a subsidy for a visual and vibrating smoke alarm through Vicdeaf (phone 9473 1111 or TTY 9473 1199).
  • Tune into ABC radio (AM 774) for information during an emergency.

For more fire safety information, contact the Metropolitan Fire Brigade on 9662 2311 (TTY: 9662 4733) or visit   

Mayor Colanzi with Fire Engine

L-R: Commander John Rampling – Manager Community Resilience, Central District, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board; Luke Perry – Fire and Emergency Operations Team Leader, Parks Victoria; Cr Roberto Colanzi –Mayor, Yarra City Council; Steven McMurray – Manager Construction Management, Yarra City Council; John McBride – Station Officer, Richmond Fire Station



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