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19 January 2015

Community input is being sought on the “Events in Public Places” discussion paper to help guide the future direction for public events in public spaces across Yarra.

Council manages more than 600 events annually and the discussion paper canvasses a range of measures to proactively manage the many competing demands for our popular parks and gardens and other open spaces.

As one of the smallest municipalities in Victoria, Yarra’s open spaces are highly contested. And population growth means there will be increased demand for organised activities in our public places. Ensuring Yarra remains a vibrant and diverse location for community events while ensuring events don’t unduly impact residential amenity is a key Council priority.

The “Events in Public Places” discussion paper is a step towards developing a proactive Events in Public Places Policy. It canvasses options for how Council might oversee and manage events in our public spaces.

The discussion paper is intended to:

  • Establish Council’s role in facilitating and supporting different events in public spaces;
  • Suggest a management framework for processing and overseeing events on Council‐owned or managed public open space;
  • Identify means to streamline the process by which Council handles requests for events in public spaces; and,
  • Ensure events in Yarra’s public spaces comply with relevant legislation, local laws and guidance material.

The discussion paper recommends Council establishes:

  • A single point of contact for event enquiries, applications and planning responses;
  • A public register of open spaces available for events;
  • Transparent criteria for processing requests;
  • An annual and triennial expression of interest process for major events; and,
  • An events in public places fee structure, tailored to the event type.

Community input is open until Monday 23 February.

To have your say, visit the Yarra City Arts website



Further information
Jay Rogan
Venues & Events Coordinator
(03) 9205 5045

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